Anal sex and YOU!

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In this sexposé we explore the world of anal sex . In this progressive world many straight couples are experimenting with anal sex. This article primarily focus' on the top (male doing the insertion) during anal sex and tips he can implement in the heat of the moment.

You cant just be ramming stuff all over the place the moment you start to have sex with your partner. Foreplay is primarily the way a sexual encounter begins. A big NO NO is just shoving your penis into your partners ass. So you have to do what it takes to make sure your partner is comfortable enough i.e. "loose" enough and ready for him/her to take the penetration. Start by gently touching the area whether you use a finger or tongue that's up to you and how comfortable you are.

Lube it up!
Lubrication is the most important thing! Coming from experience a lot of guys want to do things with little to no lube because "it feels better" to them of course! The anus doesn't provide lubrication like a vagina does so even if you are going to use a finger to relax your partner please use lube! This is where bottoms have to be a bit bossy and use however much lube you want honey so you aren't in pain in the morning.

Basic anal sex positions!
Once your bottom is ready and relaxed to the point to where he will be comfortable with penetration its time to decide what position is best for you to start with. There are three basic positions

1. Your bottom is on their back with legs spread and/or pulled up.
2. Your bottom is on their knees and elbows or basically in a doggy style position
3. Your bottom is on their stomach laying completely flat

When the top is beginning to insert his penis inside of you it is always a help if the bottom pushes out slightly and then relaxes as the penis goes in.

What angle are you!?
Because not every mans penis isn't angled the same, certain curvatures will be a bit more stimulating for your bottom in certain positions. its primarily about having the curve of your erection oriented so your thrusts and movements press on your partners prostate

UPWARD CURVATURE: if your penis curves upward towards you then your bottom will get more pleasure if you were fucking [lol] him on his back.

DOWNWARD CURVATURE: If your penis curves downward like it does when not erect then doggy style would be your best bet.

Below are some of your not so traditional sex positions so you can spice it up and give your bottom a taste of something new

Ref: Sex Position Pics

ur hubby!
on March 31, 2010 at 10:00 PM  

QUestion you say the anus doesnt provide lubrication so what is that when a guy get so called wet?!?!??!

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