The Best Lube For A Gay Man!

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You cant have anal sex without lube! Well you can but if you want to be hurting and crying then go ahead! But if your are like me, the you like to be prepared! The number one turn off for me is a guy who pulls out a bottle of lotion and says "here's my lube." OH HELL NAH! I will walk right out the door. Here's the Top 6 lubricants as voted by myself and Gay Life's website. I have also provided links to where you can purchase these lubes for yourself.

1] Gun Oil
There is nothing like it! The reason this lube is the absolute best is simply because it just never dries up! Yes you are always worried about lubricant drying up and getting sticky and with Gun Oil NO SIR!!! You literally have to wipe it off yourself when you're done lol.

2] Wet Platinum
Wet Platinum is a part of WET's premium line and is very long lasting. It is also water based and it is another lube that you have to wipe off. It is however quite difficult to get off. If you were to wash your hands you still may have a little left over.

3] Frixion
This lube is not only good for anal sex but its great for your skin and libido. This is made from natural aphrodisiacs and plant extracts so its going to give you more than just that feeling in your ass.

Yet again another long lasting lubricant but this time it has more of a creamy texture to it. This lube is also very lightweight so you get a bit more natural sensation.

5]Wet Flavored

Finally a lube that appeals to our taste buds. This lubricant is especially good for people who have partners that like to eat out things lol. Give them a grape flavored boo-gina or va-jayjay. Or if grape isn't their thing how about Pina Colada or Wild Berry or even Passion Fruit.

6] Astroglide
A favorite across the board. Don't really need to go into detail, the name speaks for itself.

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