Online dating advice for Gay/Straight Community

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On this blog we talk about sex tips and sex advice but what about that other part of your!? In this modern age the world of online dating has taken off with the mass variety of social networks and dating sites accessible to everyone whether it be a free or paid service. In my opinion paying for a dating service wont change the quality of man/woman you are going to get but hey its varies by person. So here are some online dating tips/advice!

The 10 Online Dating Commandments:

1. You only get one chance to make a first impression so make it a good one! Your goal is to entice the other person enough to get a response. Make your message a a few sentences not a couple paragraphs

2. If in the beginning someone writes to you twice or even three times a day without you responding....NEXT!!!

3. When someone says "We have a lot in common" that's a good thing, but when it goes onto "We're perfect for each other" or even "I love you," hes clinging on way too soon. He doesn't know you, he just knows a description of you and your screen name lol.

4. No Pics! Whats he got to hide? is he down lo? Then if he is then there's no need for all that silly down lo drama in your life. It also goes back to the fairness factor. He hit you up because he saw your picture and was attracted to you, yet you are left in the dark wondering if you're attracted to him.....most of time you wont be.

5. Talk on the phone before you meet! This way you will get a basic feel of their gender lol, personality and age. If you have that problem with people calling you on a constant, then block your number or call from a private number.

6. Meet in public first! Its a good idea to meet at a place you are familiar with when meeting for a first date. A coffee date is always good for that.

7. Consider taking a friend.....a less attractive one of course! lol If things work out then you have your lifetime to spend alone with this person whats a one evening group date.

8. If he/she has forged who they are and look nothing like their pic or who they say, get the fuck out of there! Have an escape plan. Or just walk away lol.

9. Don't get picked up from your house or give out your address. Arrange transportation!

10. Don't bring your date back to your house after your first meet. You don't know him that well just yet. Unless its sex but that's what motels are for.

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on October 24, 2008 at 11:08 PM  

I like this blog entry

on October 26, 2008 at 3:27 PM  

You need to post this on BGC!

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