Relationship Speed Limits

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I was reading this article on relationships because I still have yet to find exactly what it is I want in a relationship. I also move too fast in the past so I haven't had the true long term relationship that everyone desires at one point in their life. But it was a good article and I decided I'd post it here for you to read it....

Ever been dumped because you moved too fast for someone? Emotionally and physically, relationships can't be rushed. Whether Gay, lesbian, or straight, not everyone enters a relationship emotionally and physically prepared for anything. First, boundaries must be set. No one knows what you want unless you let them know. IF you think someone is reaching below the equator without having visited the upper hemisphere, you let them know! I know I'm not the only one that's been rushed into things I didn't want too soon in a relationship. I once made the mistake of allowing myself to be rushed into something obscene that involved a jeep wrangler, and it could have been avoided had I spoken up. Sadly, that relationship is over, and that boy was evil. Also, emotions aren't always taken into account when moving rapidly up and down. The saying 'You say that now, but will you respect me in the morning' is not yet totally out of use. It's still there for a reason. People orgasm and lose respect within 3 seconds if consumate love isn't present. Yet again, a situation I have suffered through. I kinda have a reputation for being easy, (which im not!), I'm just fast, there's is a big difference. The bottom line is, a line must be drawn. If you don't communicate with your partner (hopefully lover), respect and dignity will be lost, and rumors get started really fast. Trust me.

Arthur: Robby Sandler

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