Why Are You So Fucking Jealous?

It is always amazing when you find that special person in your life and of course you want to tell everyone about it. I have been telling my friends about my new relationship that I have with my boyfriend and the reaction I have been getting more than anything is that of disappointment.

A lot of people that I have met with the intentions of creating a circle of friends here in Georgia have revealed that in reality they were trying to date me and not be just my friend. So that made me wonder how do yo know when gay guys are really there to be your friends or are they just trying to out as a potential lover? I will admit that I am guilty of the "could he be a future boyfriend" game . But it is always good to start out as friends anyway so you two can get to know each other.

I understand sometimes it is hard to speak the truth about how you feel about someone but not saying anything could set you up for a jealousy and a little bit of heart break. Because I am going through this situation I decided to do an article on jealousy and how to get over your jealousy.

What is jealousy!?
Jealousy is when you react negatively towards the possibility of losing hat you have with someone. Different from being envious, it involves generally three people instead of just two [you, the person you want and the person who threatens to take it away]. Of course at the heart of jealousy are fears and expectations that are hard to get rid of.

Steps In Order To Avoid Jealousy!

1.Don't Overreact
When you feel your jealousy start to rear its nasty head don't react destructively. Do not make accusations and do not give the other person the silent treatment [relationship wise]. Please do what a trusting person would do even if it makes you feel awkward and almost crazy. Because jealousy can destroy any relationship. Communication is the key so when you have cooled down, talk to the person and let them know what made you feel jealous.

2. Observe What Triggers Your Jealousy

  • Romance: fear of the partner is going to cheat on you with someone who is better than you are in some form or fashion
  • Friends: Someone spending time with other friends with the fear that they will prefer the other person and not want to spend time with you
  • Society: Someone else getting something you want; insecurity over unmet expectations
3. Build Your Self Confidence
Often times jealousy is a product of low self esteem and insecurity. Which is also a deep rooted fear of being abandoned and withdrawal of someones attention towards you because you aren't deemed "good enough." Often times we are insecure because we are always afraid of what others will think of us......STOP IT. Those fools don't matter.

4. No Need To Compare Yourself To Others
We all have problems so when you look at others who seem to have it all, they may have the material things but in reality don't. The life they lead may seem comfortable but it isn't 100% fulfilling.

5. Being Trustworthy
Often times when people get jealous easily they have had their trust broken in the past. One thing you should always keep in consideration is "has this person ever done anything to break our trust in the past" if they haven't.....give them credit for it! If they have indeed broken your trust in the past then it is time to forgive them...that was the past.

6. Positivity
Jealousy is based on fear. You are prejudging things and worried about something bad that hasn't even happened yet and ultimately may not even happen at all. Instead focus on the positive things be thankful for what you have. If someone is going to hurt you there is nothing you can do to stop it.

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Babe, Whats Yo Sign!?

Since I have moved to metro Atlanta I have realized a lot of people are into their astrological signs and differences/similarities between each of them. I have realized I don't really know much about others astrological signs and whether or not I am compatible with them or even what my sign says about me! So for all of you who are out of sync like I am I did some research and put together this entry so you can be "in the know."

Each sign is associated with one of the classical elements (fire, earth, air, or water) and one of the three qualities or modalities (cardinal, fixed, or mutable).

What is Cardinal?
These signs are associated with initiation and creativity. A person with a lot of Cardinal qualities in their make up will be spontaneous, restless, good at organizing and a natural leader .
What is Fixed?
These signs are associated with focus, powerful concentration, individuality and determination. A person with a lot of Fixed qualities in their make up will be stable, penetrating, conservative, solid, purposeful, persevering, loyal and a little inflexible in their outlook
What is Mutable?
These signs are associated with resourcefulness, holism and adaptability. A person with a lot of Mutable qualities in their make up will be flexible, forward looking, have multiple talents and be good at being of service to other

Here is a little about each individual astrological sign

Pisces: Mutable Sign. Very sensitive. Pisces is receptive, intuitive and emotional, imaginative, romantic, impressionable and mystical, adaptable and very changeable.

Love & Relationships: That ideal mate is your zodiacal opposite, Virgo, as long as it's a Virgo who is aspected to a more sensitive degree-i.e., one that understands your depth of feeling and appreciates your creative world. In return, you get a devoted care-giver, a smart, sensible bill-payer, and hopefully, one that can inspire you to success with his or her ideals, as opposed to tearing you down with harsh criticism. If you're selective, it will work wonderfully. Your secondary partnerships are with your water-sign relatives, Cancer and Scorpio. The former will understand your deep emotional nature, and support you with his or her strength-that outer shell. The latter will attract you immediately, and vice-versa, but has a strong chance of wandering off later.

Those signs not compatible with you are Aries (too aggressive and harsh), Gemini (too prone to variety, and not sympathetic to your needs), and Leo (although you are easily led by him or her, you are also easily cast aside).

Fixed Sign. Water, water everywhere. Aquarius is assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original and inventive, and has strong likes and dislikes and a very firm opinion.

Love & Relationships:
It is easiest finding your mate when you know who to look for, and in your case that would be Gemini or Libra. The former loves variety and unpredictability as much as you do, and can understand your conflicting character. The latter will be just as physically attracted to you as you are to him or her, since you're both blessed with great beauty and a love of it, and this will be harmonious as long as the Libran accepts your irregular need to be alone. Secondarily, you also get along well with Leo (there is mutual respect here) and Sagittarius (you'll bond by discussing the finer points of life and the world's problems, long into the night, time after time).

It's best to avoid partnerships with Taurus (who cannot tolerate your unpredictability), Cancer (too homebound and stable for your complex fancies), and Virgo (you cannot tolerate their need for order).

Cardinal Sign. Highly intuitive. Capricorn is reserved, prudent, patient, uses cunning instead of force, seeks security, is acquisitive, disciplined, determined and quick to seize opportunity.

Love & Relationships:
Your ideal partner is likely to be your opposing sign, Cancer. A Cancerian's highest goal is family perfection, something you obviously treasure as well. And while they can understand your sacrificial brooding side just as intensely, their outlook on life is more supportive, caring, and ultimately, more positive. You also get along well with your fellow hard-working earth signs, Taurus (whose loving nature will cheer you up and encourage you) and Virgo (who understands your perfectionism to a tee, and will work harmoniously with you to achieve it, especially in a business partnership). You do not get along well with Aries (too impatient and impetuous for your slow-climb approach to life), Gemini (too whimsical, with little regard for your ideals), Leo (too outgoing for you to trust), and Sagittarius (a complete opposite- you would never see eye to eye on anything).

Mutable Sign. Goes at a great gallop. Sagittarius is energetic, ambitious, generous, freedom loving and a seeker of challenge, open to new ideas and exploration.

Love & Relationships:Your ideal mate is likely to be either Gemini (although since both of you are prone to "sample" partners in life, it's rarely a stable match), or one of your fire-sign relatives, Aries and Leo. Although at first the latter pairings may seem unlikely, due to the natural tendency of fire signs to lead, they are both compatible with you because of their innate understanding of your passions and interests.

You don't have many enemies, but in close relationships, conflicts will arise between you and Taurus (who is too possessive, and who would want to limit your freedom), Cancer (similarly, too rooted in family stability for your tastes), Virgo (too critical of you, and your pride will not stand for that), Scorpio (although physically compatible, there is too much distrust and competition for dominance on both sides), and Capricorn (too pessimistic for you).

Fixed Sign. Scorpio is imaginative, passionate and emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, obstinate and unyielding.

Love & Relationships: You get along well with Cancer (you understand each other symbiotically-you both have deep emotional wells underneath that hard surface, and are both water signs), Virgo (you admire each other's work ethic, and the negative traits of both cancel each other out), and Pisces (although the attraction is immediate, it doesn't last long-the Piscean will become too possessive for you).

You must avoid partnerships with Aries (the other Mars sign-you'll constantly fight over control of everything), Gemini (you'll get jealous of their freedom), and Sagittarius (too flighty and untrustworthy-this match is liable to bring out your darkest qualities).

Libra: Cardinal Sign. Libra is active, artistic, easygoing, peaceable, a prize beauty and harmonious. They are diplomatic, polished and very socially inclined.

Love & Relationships:Your ideal mate is likely to be Aries, your zodiacal opposite. It's a planetary balance of Mars and Venus, aggression and tenderness, leadership and acquiescence, practicality and creativity. You also fare well with Gemini (they appreciate your understanding of their complex character, and you're artistically harmonious) and Aquarius (you both love people and beauty, although they're a touch more unpredictable).

Although most everyone likes you, a close relationship with either Virgo (much too fussy for you) or Scorpio (much too dark for your warm, sunny outlook) is unadvisable.

Virgo: Mutable Sign. A total perfectionist. Virgo is reserved, modest, practical, discriminating and industrious, analytical and painstaking, seeking to know and understand.

Love & Relationships:Your natural opposite, Pisces, is also your most ideal partner. Every quality you lack is ample in Pisces, and vice-versa, so no problem in this marriage is unsolvable, and every day is interesting. You enjoy the Piscean imagination and free-flowing creativity, while they need you to bring them back to reality.

You're also compatible with Taurus and Capricorn, your fellow earth signs: in the former, Taurus supplies the big heart while you provide the headiness; in the latter, the two of you work so hard to such a degree of perfection that, if you were business partners, you could dominate your field. You should avoid Aries (too bossy and will not tolerate your pickiness), Libra (completely unable to take your criticism) and Aquarius (this can be either intensely wrong or surprisingly compatible, but most of the time you're at each other's throats).

Leo: Fixed sign. Leo is enthusiastic, powerful, expansive and creative, generous and extravagant, dogmatic and fixed in opinions. Roars for a good cause. Inwardly possessive of spirituality and deep love.

Love & Relationships: You'll find your truest companion to be Aquarius. It's your zodiacal opposite, but there are few conflicts here. You both prize your fellow man, believe in the same ideals, and admire creative pursuits in different and complementary ways. Your fire-sign relatives, Aries and Sagittarius, are also natural companions, but on a more casual level. Like you, they're used to being the leaders, but they'll allow you to preside over those areas you're good at, and you them.

You'll want to avoid partnerships with Gemini (they're mostly mind-oriented, you are all heart), Capricorn (you'll overpower them, and they're not likely to forgive your mistakes), and Pisces (you'll hurt them before you even realize it, and they'll harbor a long resentment).

Cancer: Cardinal Sign. Relates to water. Cancer is receptive, sensitive and imaginative, sympathetic, kind, emotional and possesses an active, shrewd and intuitive mind.

Love & Relationships: Your ideal mate is likely to be Capricorn, but only after a few failed relationships. Once you reach your thirties and settle a bit, you're home free. Capricorns are your soulmates-they're just as shy and just as driven to perfection. You also may have an attraction to Scorpio, whose dominant nature should fit well with your caring side, and Rsces, who understands your depth of feeling like no other.

You'll want to avoid matches with Gemini (too flighty for you), Aries (too bold and self-centered), and Sagittarius (despite an initial attraction, the wandering, popular Sagittarian may be too much for you to handle, and jealousy and rage are right around the corner).

Gemini: Dual nature. You can go in many directions. Gemini is lively, energetic, versatile, and intellectual, lives primarily in the mind rather than the emotions and is extremely adaptable to new situations.

Love & Relationships: Your best match is with Libra, who has just enough in common with you and just enough that's different. Your whims and fancies will be much appreciated and understood by the sign that loves to love. You also fare well in long-term relationships with Aquarius, who also is just capricious enough for you. You may find yourself attracted to Leos at first, but this pairing is ultimately unstable.

Those you should avoid are Taurus (too slow for you), Cancer (too stable and domestic) and Pisces (too emotionally needy-you'd hurt them far too often).

Taurus: Mutable Sign. Very earthy, quiet, affectionate, patient, stable, determined and practical, stubborn and resistant to change.

Love & Relationships: Your ideal matches are with Scorpio (although it can be stormy, it's proven to endure), and the two other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. Both are very stable and harmonious with you, although the latter is perhaps better suited to a business partnership. Even a partner of your own sign is compatible, although it's not often found.

Signs to avoid are Aries (although the Arian's strong will can be compatible with certain Taureans who are more docile, they're generally considered too independent-minded), Sagittarius (much too free-spirited for you), and Gemini (again, too restless).

Aries: Cardinal sign. Born to be a Leader. Aries is active, energetic, excitable, optimistic, impulsive, open to change and new experiences.

Love & Relationships:Your ideal partnerships are with the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius-you have a great deal in common with both. Aries and Libra is an excellent match of opposites, however-it mates Mars with Venus, and many secondary Arian character traits are primary with Libra, and vice-versa.

Those partnerships you should avoid are with Pisces (too sentimental for you), Gemini (too much bickering), and Virgo (too fussy for you).

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Hot Ass Black Men 9

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DickGate On TV

Forget Nixon's Watergate scandal! Forget Janet's Nipplegate scandal! Its all about penis on television! The Minnesota Vikings TIGHT END lol Visanthe Shaincoe flashed his dick during a post game interview.

Hot damn! look at all that goodness! I know I'd like to be the new locker room watchman for the Vikings. It looks like that white guy with the bald head is getting quite the show and liking it!!! Fox has issued an apology but hell NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE!!!

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Hot ass Black Men 8

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Today is

World Aid's Day

lets find a cure!

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