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The Warm And Tasty Blog started as the Noise 4 Yo Mama Podcast back in 2006 in Chico California. Noble P and Ann B. hosted a weekly podcast that was just about having a good time with friends in a small college party town.

Noble moved back to Los Angeles, CA in 2007 and the podcast became Mama's Cornbread: The Warm And Tasty Show. The podcast was short lived in Southern California.

Noble moved once again in 2008 while the podcast was on hiatus and brought it back in the form you see it today as the Warm and Tasty Blog and Podcast.

The Warm And Tasty Blog brings you an urban perspective on current events in todays society as well as community related topics. Below is a photo montage of the Warm And Tasty history. Noble is the current writer of the Warm and Tasty Blog. Noble is a native of California who now lives in the southern state of Georgia who lives it up at every moment and pours his heart and sleeve out on this blog for you to enjoy it every time you visit.

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