How To Approach Him

Often times at a club, restaurant, at work or just in your neighborhood we let that fine ass man go because we didn't approach him at all. There could be a few reasons why we didn't approach him. One being because you are too afraid of rejection or we simply just didn't know what to do or say. So I decided to write this article to talk and give you some advice on approaching that man and letting him know you are out there!

The up most important thing is to be confident. If you are confident and exude confidence then everyone will take notice. Let this guy know that you are comfortable in your own skin and you can Sashay Shantae! [but not literally]. But at the same time you cant be too confident to the point where you think you are better than everyone else because that isn't cute.

A fun little thing that works is eye contact. If you two are coming at each other in opposite directions have a gander at him for about 3-5 seconds but don't look like you are a crazy person. Crack a little smile if need be and if he does the same.....There you go!

You also have to break the ice of course. It is always easy to play the "I am new here" role, especially if you are at a bar. You can say something as simple as "whats a really good drink here" or "do you mind ordering this for me." But remember do not talk too much. you dont want to turn him off and don't let out all that baggage at once lol. As you are talking however you need to turn on the flirting. That could be laughing at his jokes, touching his arm lightly and of course COMPLIMENT!

While you are talking make sure your questions aren't intrusive. Keep it simple "what do you like to do" "when is it a good place to come here" "what are some after places you like."

Once you find something you both like doing that is the open door to ask him out and see if he would like to do it together!

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Bono Is At It Again

Bono and his band U2 among many others but really the most important band there were The Killers putting on a concert to promote to launch RED (WIRE) a digital music magazine premiering December 1st which is also World AIDS Day.

The subscription is $5 and you will get a new issue every wednesday.

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Relationship Speed Limits

I was reading this article on relationships because I still have yet to find exactly what it is I want in a relationship. I also move too fast in the past so I haven't had the true long term relationship that everyone desires at one point in their life. But it was a good article and I decided I'd post it here for you to read it....

Ever been dumped because you moved too fast for someone? Emotionally and physically, relationships can't be rushed. Whether Gay, lesbian, or straight, not everyone enters a relationship emotionally and physically prepared for anything. First, boundaries must be set. No one knows what you want unless you let them know. IF you think someone is reaching below the equator without having visited the upper hemisphere, you let them know! I know I'm not the only one that's been rushed into things I didn't want too soon in a relationship. I once made the mistake of allowing myself to be rushed into something obscene that involved a jeep wrangler, and it could have been avoided had I spoken up. Sadly, that relationship is over, and that boy was evil. Also, emotions aren't always taken into account when moving rapidly up and down. The saying 'You say that now, but will you respect me in the morning' is not yet totally out of use. It's still there for a reason. People orgasm and lose respect within 3 seconds if consumate love isn't present. Yet again, a situation I have suffered through. I kinda have a reputation for being easy, (which im not!), I'm just fast, there's is a big difference. The bottom line is, a line must be drawn. If you don't communicate with your partner (hopefully lover), respect and dignity will be lost, and rumors get started really fast. Trust me.

Arthur: Robby Sandler

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Hot Ass Black Men 7

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