Getting Over A Breakup

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I have not done a true blog blog that gets filed under 'Sex Tips' so i felt it was time. I thought that this time I would right about something I was indeed going through and that is getting over a past relationship.

For me it is a bit of a time to rejoice. It is kind of sad because hes gone but I am single and free to be me which is really nice. Its been quite a while since I were single. We are always " I Need A Man" but i realized I do not need a man.

Don't Rethink Your Decision:
All the good times you had together is going to make you wonder why you broke up. There is a reason you broke it off and it cannot be taken off now. It is common you are going to romanticize about the good parts but its over. You need to accept the situation and move on.

Keep Your Distance:
If you guys are friends take a break from each other right after the breakup. This means no phone calls, no texts, no emails, no instant messages! This also means [for the frisky type] no sex. This isn't forever, just until you are able to converse with the person and have a strictly platonic relationship.

Accept Your Pain:
It is okay to be hurt and sad by the situation. I myself am a strong person but of course I still feel pain. Just because you are gone it doesn't mean you are a bad person. You are not the only person out there that made a mistake.

Think It Through:
Think about every reason why you two broke up. Consider all the bad and all the good. Understand you enjoyed each others company but it is time you moved on. If you two weren't on the same page the entire time it was going to end eventually.

Talk To Friends:
Do not block everyone out. You need people who love you around you. Of course the best person for that is friends. Friends are going to give you that support you need to get over your relationship. They are going to show you that you are a worthwhile person.

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wonderful tips.

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