How Can I Be A Better Top Part I

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About half of the gay community is either a top or versatile. What that means is you are the giver when it comes to sex. This also works for heterosexual sex [i.e. the mans role]. I was talking to a few people earlier as to why I wasnt much of a top and I decided to write an article about being a better top. I am going to give 10 tips to being a better top but also give some deep insight as well when it comes to being a better giver when it comes to sex.

The most important and quick/easy way to being a better top is enhance your partners pleasure. The ultimate way to do that is to use longer strokes, don't be going in and out like a jack rabbit, take your time! Of course another great technique is to loosen up your partner. Eating them out or fingering them is very important. Start off with one finger and then work your way up from there. Let your partner get used to the idea of having something inside him.

When he is finally comfortable then you should just put the head of your penis in, see how he/she feels about that. Then progress to long strokes by putting your penis in completely for maximum pleasure. Try not to pull out completely when you are having sex...that could cause air to get packed inside your partners hole and lead to something funny lolz.

If your partners genitals are accessable, then do not leave them hanging, PLAY WITH THEM! You must also try as many positions as possible that your partner is comfortable with! Varying positions isnt the only thing, also try different locations, the bathroom, the shower, the couch what have you.

Lubricant is also very important for you and your partner. Use the best lube that makes your partner very comfortable a lube that makes your partner feel good. Try to find a lube that isnt goin to dry up and get sticky. I personally love Gun Oil Lube because it doesnt dry, it doesnt get sticky at all either!

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