How Can I Be A Better Top Part II

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This is the second part of my article on being a better top!

Tip #1 Relax Your Partner
Foreplay is a great way to get your partner relaxed right before getting pounded. Why not try giving them a massage, relieving that stress will also relax them as well!!!

Tip #2 Give Your Partner Instructions
The best way to please your partner is to tell them what you like but also listen to what they like! It is always good to learn something new and if you are just doing what you want, you could be missing out on something good!!

Tip #3 Blindfold Your Partner
Sex can be an amazing when you know whats cumming at you lolz. But when you cannot see it is just that more exciting. You don't know where the penis is coming from, where the penis is going so give it a try. You have heard many times that when you lose one of your senses, your other senses are heightened! Hopefully its the sense of feeling!!!!

Tip #4 What Are Your Fantasies!?
What better way to have a good time during sex than to live out your fantasies!? Communication is the key and who knows maybe they can fulfill your fantasies or vise verse!

Tip #5 Play Strip Games
Well it isn't directly related to intercourse but you two can play up the dominant giver/recessive receiver by playing strip poker. It is a good way to get naked and to get your bottom wanting your dick like crazy!

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