Re-Vamp Once Again

Thursday, March 12 | posted in | 0 comments

So I changed the look of the Warm and Tasty Blog because i felt that I needed to go back to a black layout because its easier on the eyes. The sidebar has changed completely once again. This time its plain and simple [contacts, subscribe and tag cloud]. But I changed it for a reason.

That reason being I am going to start doing Cocktail Video Podasts. Each week I will be making a martini and you can see how its made and hell even enjoy it with us. These cock-casts as I call them will be accompanied by a new episode of the Warm and Tasty Show as well. I will have links on this website so it is easier for you to just listen to it here rather than going through all those other crazy websites. Come back and check us out when we have podcasts and cock-casts up!!

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