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Its always good to have a bag of new tricks so I thought I would help you out with some interesting positons that could help you make you and your man go crazy. But remember if it don't hurt it aint worth it!!! These positions can apply to heterosexual and homosexual sex so make it work!

#1 Rock A Thigh Baby
This position puts the bottom/woman in charge of the act because they are pretty much the ones on top controlling the sitation

#2 The 3 O'Clock Appointment
You have to be strong as hell to do this. But you can also do this on top of say a table or something that is waist high to help the both of you out.

#3 The Slinky
This is back door entry with a twist! you have the char to give you extra leverage and sometimes just laying on your stomach can be boring so spice it up with this technique.
#4 The Stick Shift [my favorite]
I think its my favorite because its funny yet hot at the same time. This is another position where the bottom/woman is in control they have their mans leg up in the air [a change for once lol]

#5 The Rickshaw
This is definitely a back door/anal technique. This one also requires leg strength from the top but the bottom/woman is in charge here!

on December 3, 2009 at 3:16 AM  

im gonna have to use some of these lol good lookin

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