Dating Your Ex.....Again

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As of late I have been blogging a lot about what I have been going through which I suppose that's what blogs can be about lolz. But there has been a lot of speculation about ex boyfriends and I recently went straight to the source and got all the info. Because of rumors of cheating while dating.

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As the guy I was dating and I broke up I tried to keep a strong exterior to show I was not hurting inside which I truly was. But because the truth always comes out I had found out some things about our relationship that really broke me apart and I virtually shut down and was ready to enter a violent rage.

He and I are now able to talk again and he has mentioned he wants to start dating again and taking it slow this time "The right way."

Of course like the saying goes "They're EXes for a reason" but at the same time your emotions are telling you something else. Your heart tell you to do something totally different. It is the heart that can definitely get you into trouble but you sometimes have no choice but to follow it. Usually the popular opinion is to not take back an ex lover. I was seeking out advice and I came across this.....

"I am a believer in letting what happened in the past go. When you love someone that can complicate that belief in ways that you would never imagine. To futher complicate things lets say it is your first true love ever in your life. Let's say your Ex messed over you, and they know they did. You pretty much did everything you could to try and make that person happy no matter what. Only for them to come out and tell you that they had a bf/gf the entire time that you were with them. So you try to work things out hoping they would learn from their mistakes of being a liar, but they lie to you again. So you back off, and let it go with that person only for them to call you and say they want to be with you and that they have learned from their mistakes. If you love this person, you begin to consider the good and the bad outcomes if you were to take them back. No matter what they do, you will always love that person, but you don't want to be a fool again. You have this gut feeling they haven't changed and that they will eventually do what they did to you before. Do you take this person back? Do you take them back, but take things real slow? or Do you just let that shit go? Some people will never change no matter what they say, but you try to give them the benefit of the doubt because you love them."

-Barber Chris

I can definitely agree with what he is saying, I will be perfectly honest. Even with my situation and my so called "friend" even though he may have done something wrong and spiteful, I will happily continue being his friend......after he gets chopped!

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