How To Have A Good 3-Some

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Rapper/R&B Singer Bobby Valentino is offering his advice on how to have a successful threesome. According to him, these are his basic rules!!!

Here are his basic rules you have to follow.

* Bring a lot of liquor (Goose, Nuvo, Henny) and something to chase it

* Bring a lot of condoms: Magnums “the gold standard”

* Pick who you are going to give it to first: If you can’t decide who will get it first, choose the one with the butterfly tattoo

* Give both ladies equal attention: You don’t want one shorty getting mad because you are not giving her enough of the big Valentino.

* It’s not about you: One thing you must remember is that the threesome is not about you. You have to do your best to turn both women on like Keri Hilson. If you are laying the pipe the right way, they’ll do you right. Soon they will both be fighting to top each other sexually when it comes to pleasing you, but if you are wack, you will be on the sideline looking at all the action.

* Do something: There will be a time during the threesome when both women will be focused on each other, so use this time to get your stamina up, rub, grab squeeze and lick. You want to remain the star of the show, but you have to let them get a little camera time.

It’s pretty easy to catch feelings for the other chick, but you cannot do that if one of the women in your threesome is your lady. You don’t want wifey to go Jazmine Sullivan on you because you got it on with the other woman without her.

You should also be respectful when you bump into either of the women in the streets. You don’t want to make her feel bad because she was licking lady parts, after a Bobby V show. In all just use common knowledge and do your best to be the best you can.

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