Protect That Snatch!

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Ladies, how many times have you been hit in the beaver and it hurt!? Well looks like someone has come to your rescue. I know you lesbians out there fight like crazy so you need protection down there to protect those ovaries. It is called the Va J-J Visor.
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"We decided that there must be a product in the marketplace to address this sensitive issue and when we couldn't find one, we realized we had no choice but to create it ourselves! Hey, what can we say? We take our grooming ~ and the protection of our va j-j ~ seriously!"

The prospective names were

The Clam Shell
The Beaver Dam
The Bonnie Bonnet
The Hoo Ha Hoodie
Sister Hood

I really like that women are out their to protect their muffins. I am just prolonging this so I can put in so many slang terms for vagina as possible such as "meat napkin" or the "wizards sleeve."

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