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I was reading this blog on celebrity groupies and there was some interesting info about the hoe's that sleep with celebrities.......Here is some hot things you may want to know about some of your favorite celebrities....

Busta Rhymes

his tongue is so soft I almost passed out! He was eating me like it was a buffet. Once he finished eating me out for what seemed like a century, he grabbed his dick and asked me "You want this?" and I said "Hell yeah." His dick is a nice size, not extra huge nor small, just right. I gave him a lil head and he went to fucking the hell out of me for like two hours, it was crazy! I left the next morning, while he slept.

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He's a minuteman, for sure.

Rick Ross

This man rubbed and played with my clit until I came. Before I went for the boxers I said a little prayer, please let him be a decent size, but before I could touch it, he turned me over and slipped on a condom and entered me from the back. I was like ok this bitch gotta have a big ass dick cause he was beating my fucking back out. His stamina was superb and when fucks, he talks dirty. he was very confident with his fuck game all the while saying "you like this dick" and the way he stroked this kitty, oh boy.

Bobby Valentino

He is really into asses, says he like like the way I wear my panties. Then he takes of my bra and he was like baby and I quote "You hot pretty titties" and he must like sucking titties cause he was really good at it. His dick wasn't really big, but he knew what to do with it, so it was cool. If I had to rate him, I'd give him a 4/5 stars. He was good, but not all like that.

Method Mann

He talks a lot. Method Man is a very interesting character. He's a beast in bed, he likes to spank and tell you to lay down, do this, do that. He's got a nice size. He's the real one. Very controlling. He likes to hit it from the back while he pulls your hair


His mouth should be for rent. His mouth is excellent. He started off with the mouth action. His mouth and dick are both good. He's working with something major. It was, like R&B sex. More sensual. He likes it from the back, too.


He screams like a bitch when he busts. It's horrible. He has a big, humungous dick and has no idea what to do with it.

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