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You cannot be single and gay forever. Or at least none of us plan to be. I am going through that phase in my new relationship where we are just getting started and making it official and a part of doing that is letting people like friends and family know that you have found someone.

But in the gay community it is always different. When you tell people that you are now taken it is rarely a "Oh I am so happy for you" or "Congrats and good luck." It is often more of "what about me" "why didn't you give me a chance!?" At least that is what I have come across since I have lived here in Atlanta. Today I told a guy whom I thought was a friend or at least I saw him as one that I am dating someone and he immediately goes on the defensive.

I like the guy as a friend but it makes me wonder maybe for the sake of our friendship maybe I should not have told him I was dating someone now but on the other hand that wouldn't have been fair to him or the man I am dating. Of course whenever we start a relationship we can hope for the best but not everyone is going to see it that way and what matters is our own true happiness.

But if i were being honest I have moved too much to really gather true gay friends and so like with many gays that sexual tension is there, but you know something....I am fine with that. Like the old saying "friends come and go." There are certainly some that I wish would stay in my life and others that I could certainly live without.

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