College Boy Part 1

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My friend Byron sent me this short story that I loved, simply because I love erotica lolz hoe-ish i know. But I broke it up for you in a few parts so you can enjoy it. I don't know who the author is unfortunately but I definitely shake a titty to him or her because they are good writers.

Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in
Minnesota Maryland. It's a large school, and very well received by the
College Guide Association of America.

There was a large library, an auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic
building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower, and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge. Jeremiah is well known for its sports programs, --turning out professional players by the dozens in football, basketball, tennis, and

The new college season will start with many of the old players from
the year before. While some seniors have graduated and moved on to `real
life', new freshmen hopefuls will try out as replacements, hoping to score
spots on the teams.

One shoe-in is Clarence Johnson, a 6'4", dark skin, 18 yr old fresh
from Freemen High in Washington DC. He was instrumental in causing his high
school to win their basketball championship games 3 yrs in a row. Coach
Brown and (team Captain) Tyrome Smith (20, 6-2, brn skin full lips /
mustache) sought after Clarence hot and heavy during the recruiting

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They wooed his family with gifts from the University, taking them
out to expensive dinners, buying Clarence a new car, giving him an expense
account, promising to take him straight through to the pros once he
graduates, and finally seducing him with all the free sex he could get on
campus. Coach Brown left Tyome to expand on details, letting him explained
how many of the female students "putout" for the sports guys because so
many of them pass on into the pro leagues. A lot of the girls are hoping to
latch onto the shirttails of some jock headed for the big time. Ty was sure
that would be the selling point that got Clarence to sign with J.U., but
Clarence's parents wanted to see the campus first before deciding which
University to send their son.

Coach Brown prepared a personal tour of the property and premises,
showing the Johnson's all of the academic programs the school has to offer
as well as sports. He wanted to make sure the parents knew that Clarence
would be getting a good education as well, something he could "fall back
on" in later years.
Brown left Tyome to give Clarence the tour, knowing the 20 yr old
college junior would show Clarence a `good time' by giving him samples of
some of the girls eager to please the ball player's every need.

That night while Coach Brown took Clarence's parents out to dinner
to keep them occupied, Tyome took Clarence to a college party on campus at
one of their frat houses. It was a large building designed to hold some of
the team's players, complete with exercise rooms and a pool.
The party was in full swing when the two men got there. Tyrome
introduced Clarence to some of his possible future teammates; Derek Wilson,
Carter Sanborne, Jason Outlaw (token white), and Mikiah Washington, --all
important key players in keeping Jeremiah U a contender in the
championships (though they'd loss to Seymour University the past 3 yrs in a

After getting Clarence a few beers, Tyrome introduced him to some
of the girls known to cruise the frats for hot jocks. The girls clung to
Clarence's like leaches, complimenting his height and dark complexion as
they openly rubbed the breasts on his back and arms to get his attention.
Tyrome knew he had Clarence sewed up with all the free available
pussy they could give him. Hell, that was what got his attention when Coach
Brown and the team captain (back then) came calling for him in high school.

"So what do you think of the new hopeful?" asked Carter, meeting Tyrome
over by the bar as they kept an eye on the former high schooler.

"We got him!" said Ty confidently, placing his drink up to his lips. "With
Kandi and Jackie working him over tonight, that boy won't know what hit him
in the morning! All that's left is getting Coach Brown to suck in the
As the party progressed and students began to get drunk and loose,
Tyrome noticed that Clarence had broken away from the girls, and was
standing up against the wall observing. Ty ran over to Kandi, as she was
flirting with someone new and hoping to get her pussy fucked tonight. He
grabbed her by her arm and dragged her into a nearby corner.

"What the fuck'r you doing??" he asked, staring her face to face
angrily. "I paid you to fuck the NEW GUY, not to make your usual rounds!
Why is Clarence standing over there unattended?!"

"I dunno...!!" yelled Kandi, snatching her arm from Ty's strong
grip. "Jackie and I gave him every opportunity to go into one of the rooms
upstairs and fuck, but he's not interested! He's some sort of church-boy or
something!!" she explained, rubbing the growing bruise on her arm.

"So you go over there and offer him a BJ in the alley, ANYTHING, but get
that man to submit!" ordered Tyrome.

"I TRIED! He's NOT interested!" screamed Kandi, storming off.
Tyrome shook his head as he scanned the party for Clarence. When he
didn't see him, he went over to one of his teammates (Carter) to ask if
he'd seen him.

"Yo man, ole dude ducked out! I saw him leave about 2 minutes ago!" said
Carter, one of his free hands up some girl's shirt.

"FUCK!!" yelled Ty, sensing he was losing Clarence.
He ran for the door, stopping on the sidewalk as he scanned the
area for the 6'4" stranger. He spotted Clarence about a block away, walking
slowly as if in deep thought. Ty knew when a jock got to thinking deep
thoughts, plans get fucked up. He ran down the street, calling Clarence's
name as he ran up on him. "Yo man..., why'd you leave? The party was for
YOU!" he said, breathing hard as he tried to catch his breath.

"I just needed some air." said Clarence, quietly.

"You okay man? You seem a little depressed." asked Tyrome, curiously. When
Clarence didn't answer, he pressed on. "Look man..., if we're gonna be
teammates soon, you might as well confide in me! Maybe I can help!"

"I..." started Clarence, growing cold feet immediately. "...I want to go
back to the hotel."

"But..., what about the party?" asked Tyrome, feeling Clarence slipping
away. "The girls? Kandi was really looking forward to getting to know you
better! She told me herself!"

"I'd really rather just go back to the hotel. Okay?" asked Clarence,
causing Tyrome to sign with frustration.

"Okay man..." he said finally, leading Clarence back towards the frat
house. "...let me find my car keys."
Back at the party, Ty told Carter that Clarence was a "dud" and "a
waste of time". He left the party knowing his boiz would keep it rolling
until he got back. Hopefully he could salvage some of the wasted evening by
getting his dick wet in some stupid college girl's moist pussy or hot

He drove Clarence back to the Season's Hotel, and parked just
outside the entrance. Nothing was said between them during the entire
ride. Tyrome waited for Clarence to get out, as the 6'4" teen sat with his
head slumped into his chest.

"Thanks for the ride, man." he said, reaching for the door handle.

"I can't help you out if you don't tell me what the problem is!" said Ty,
giving it ONE LAST try to break through.
Clarence hesitated as he re-closed the door. "Are you a virgin? Did
Kandi come on to you too strong? If you didn't like her, we could've got
you some other girl! Trust me man..., girls are at our disposal!"

"I'm not interested in girls." said Clarence, looking over at Ty in the
driver's seat. "I had someone back in high school. We...dated for 2 years."

"Is that all, man?" asked Tyrome, sighing with relief. "We can bring her up
here to visit you. Hell..., I could talk to the Coach about getting her a
scholarship! Maybe she could go to school here with you!" enticed Ty.

"It's not that easy..." said Clarence. "...when my parents found out we
were dating, they broke us up and forbid us from seeing each other again!"

"What your parents don't know won't hurt them!" winked Ty, trying anything
to get Clarence to stay with Jeremiah University.

"No. No.., it's over." said Clarence, shaking his head as he got out of the

"Wait, man...!" yelled Tyrome, following him. He threw his car keys to the
valet as he ran to catch up to Clarence at the elevator. "Let's talk about
it, man! It may not be as hopeless as you think!"

"Why're you so interested?" asked Clarence, getting onto the elevator and
pressing the 15th floor.

"Cause man..., I REALLY want you to be a part of our team this year! We
could really use a guy like you with your skills!"

"I'm just a freshmen..." said Clarence, downplaying his role. "...what can
I bring to a team like the J's?"

"Are you kidding me, man?" laughed Tyrome, as the elevator doors opened and
they stepped out. "You led your high school through 3 championship games in
a row, with one of the highest single player scores in the State's history!
They even televised your team's last victory on the local news, they never
televise high school games! What college basketball team wouldn't want you
on their side?"

Clarence fought back a smile as they got to his room, which the
Coach booked separately from his parents next door. Clarence pulled out the
card key and slid it through the electronic slide, unlocking the
door. Tyrome followed the 18 yr old inside his room.

"So how bout it man?" asked Tyrome, having given his best pitch. "You
sticking with J. University or not?"

"I don't know..." said Clarence, kicking off his sneaks and unbuttoning his
shirt. " badly do the team want me?"

"Very bad, man!" confessed Ty. "You're our FIRST pick to help us win the
championship! Do you know how hard it is to come in SECOND three years in a
row? It's humiliating! Nobody remembers second best!!"

"So it's a personal thing?" asked Clarence, unbuckling his belt. "YOU want
me on the team too?"

"It's MY job to make sure you get whatever it is you need to persuade you to
come over with us! The best room in the frat, a new car every year we win,
an account, girls, pussy whenever you want it! It's yours man, you name
it!" offered Ty.

"Well..., what I could really go for right now..." said Clarence, dropping
his pants to the floor to reveal his long purple cotton boxers and thick
dick bulge. " some ass!"

"Sure man..." said Ty, watching Clarence massage the long bulge through his
boxers. "...let me call up a couple of girls..." he added, pulling out his
cell phone.

"Naw man..., I already told you, I ain't interested in no girls!" explained
Ty's eyes widened.

"You mean you're gay?" he asked, looking the 6'4", tall, dark skin
powerhouse over from head to 14" feet.
Clarence smiled, showing a bright row of shinny white teeth. "So
when you say you want some ass..., you MEAN you want some ASS?"

"That's right." said Clarence, kicking off his pants.

"Well..., it's not a usual request, but I think I know a guy who likes
guys..., maybe I can get hold of him and have him meet..."

"No..." interrupted Clarence, stopping Ty in mid dial. "I don't want some
faggot campus boy-whore..., I want some jock butt, something worthy of
having my dick up inside it!"

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