College Boy Part 2

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"Well playa..., I don't know any jocks that's down with that! Maybe some of
the guys on the tennis team...?" thought Tyrome.

"Well..., I kinda had my eye on yours!" said Clarence, reaching for a long

"ME??" choked Ty, offended. "I ain't gay, hommie! I ain't down with that

"I thought you wanted me on your team?" asked Clarence, still stroking his
lump. "Thought you said Coach wanted you to give me whatever I wanted to
keep me happy?"

"Yeah, but..., MY ASS ain't part of the equation!" said Ty, stepping back
to protect his assets.

"Oh well..." said Clarence, hunching his shoulders. "...guess I'll just
have to sign with Seymour University!"
Ty's mouth dropped open at the mere mention of their toughest

"Maann..." he sighed frustrated. "...why can't I just get you a girl
that'll let you fuck her in the ass? Hell, I'll even pop for a hooker of
your choice! Why does it have to be MY ass on the line?"

"Because you need me the most!" said Clarence. "This's your last year to
win a championship before you graduate, if you don't do it now, you never

"You're a real asshole, you know that?" said Tyrome, feeling backed into a

"That' what my Coach said before I popped his cherry!" smiled Clarence,
having done this sort of thing before.

"What guarantee do I have that your parents'll let you sign after I...,
after I..., give up the ass?" asked Ty, swallowing his dignity.

"You have my word, man! The final decision's up to me, my parents'll go
with whatever University I feel most comfortable with, --regardless of the
perks." assured Clarence, once again rubbing his dick. He could see Tyrome
thinking it over in his head. He really wanted that championship over
Seymour, and that was just the ammo Clarence needed to set the bait to his

"Okay man..., I'll let you do it, so long as you sign with J. University,
and NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY hears of this!!"

"You got it, man!" smiled Clarence.

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"I can't fucking believe I'm doing this...!!" mumbled Tyrome, moving
further into the room as he slowly began removing his clothes.
Tyrome was 6-2, 170 lbs with a medium muscular build, a brown skin
complexion, full sexy sensual lips, a thin trimmed mustache, and a short
tapered hair cut. He always kept himself well groomed and clean shaven,
incase any of the local of college papers ever wanted to do an unexpected
interview or take a picture. He was very attractive and always had his pick
of women on and off campus grounds to satisfy his thick long 9 inch
This was the first sexual encounter Ty had ever had where he was
more nervous than excited. His plump dick lay completely limp between his
legs as he undressed, his mind preoccupied with the thoughts of horrible
pain shooting through his sore and never before touched anus. Ty couldn't
believe he was about to give up his anal virginity for the school. But he
realized it really wasn't for the school, it for his chances to finally win
a championship before finishing college. Something like that could really
look good on his resume while shopping for a pro contract.

Clarence watched as Tyrome stripped completely naked. He enjoyed
the straight man's perfectly toned brown body and rippled 6pack as he threw
the last article of clothing to the floor. "Well...?" asked Ty, waiting for
whatever came next.

"You've got a really great body..." said Clarence, walking up to him. Ty
felt strange receiving the compliment from another man while completely
naked about to get butt fucked in a hotel room.

"Thanks." he said nervously, watching as Clarence reached out and began
feeling his muscles. "I thought you wanted my ass?" he asked, wanting to
get the deed over quickly.

"I do..., what's the rush?" asked Clarence, dropping to his knees.
Ty watched in shock as the big guy leaned forward and took his limp
dick into his mouth and began sucking. `Damn, this guy really is gay!'
�thought Ty, feeling the mouth, lips, and tongue working over his soft
Clarence could smell the clean cologne fresh scent of Tyrome's
crotch, hinted with a slight musky smell from sweat and confinement. He
breathed in deeply through his nostrils as he suckled the soft phallus,
pulling at the shaft with his full dark lips. Slowly (against Tyrome's
will) the dick started to rise and harden in Clarence's mouth. Ty tried to
keep his dick from getting hard, not wanting to give in to the fleshly
feelings of pleasure from another man. But the hot wet mouth felt as good
as any woman's who's ever sucked him. He recalled the old saying that `a
hard dick has no conscious', and he now knew what the expression meant in

Clarence felt the dick hardening in his mouth as he sucked. His
lips wrapped around the thickening shaft as he bobbed his head back and
forth on the star player's meat. Soon it was standing at its full 9 inch
thickness, Clarence sucked sweetly at the fat dome, suckling for any hint
of pre-cum before swallowing the entire length down into his throat. Tyrome
gasped as the throat muscles clamped down around his shaft, milking him
like a farmer would a cow' teat. Ty's hands instinctively went to
Clarence's head as the big guy molded his throat around the pulsing shaft.

"Oh fuck..." moaned Tyrome, feeling Clarence retreat back up to the head as
he sucked once again at the head for more juice.
Ty said nothing, not wanting Clarence to know how well he was
getting to him. He needed to save some of his dignity for after the butt
fucking, getting punked and losing his load to Clarence's mouth might be
too much to deal with in one night.
But Clarence already knew what affects he was having on Tyrome, he
could tell just by the volume of pre-cum forming at the tip of his dick
alone. He swiped away the sticky flavorful droplets before going all the
way back down on it. Clarence loved taking straight dick down his throat,
shocking men with his oral skills. They often didn't expect him to be as
good as he is, but Clarence had been sucking dick for as long as he'd been
playing ball, and was a practical expert at both.

Ty felt the full wet lips sliding up and down his thick shaft, and
closed his eyes to the awesome feeling. He loved getting his dick sucked,
and had to confess (if only to himself) that Clarence was the best he'd
ever had. He loved how easily the big guy took his meat into his throat,
holding it there as he buried his nose in his dick bush before slowly
sliding back up to the head.
His dick was starting to pulse every time Clarence sucked at the
tip, tasting the tasty pre-cum. It wouldn't be long before he felt himself
white washing the faggot's throat if he kept this up. Tyrome started to
actually look forward to flooding the ball player's throat, he thought of
it as a form of payback for the butt fucking he was going to get. But just
as Ty's dick started to throb, Clarence pulled his mouth completely off,
leaving the brown dick bobbing wetly and oozing more pre-cream at the tip.

"Go over to the bed!" ordered Clarence, getting up off his knees. He
escorted Tyrome to the bed, then helped him get into doggy position on his
hands and knees. Tyrome looked back at Clarence over his muscular shoulder.

"Take it easy man..., don't hurt me!" he warned.

"I know my way around an asshole!" assured Clarence, falling to his knees
behind Ty's ass at the edge of the bed. Tyrome wondered where he went, then
he suddenly felt his hands on his ass cheeks, pulling them apart.
Clarence looked into the ass crack, loving the look of the tight
straight hole surrounded with a tuft of black curly anal hair. He parted
the brown bubbled cheeks to expose the anus. He leaned inward and extended
his long wet tongue, swiping it up the crack and across the hole, tasting
it for flavor.

"Oh SHIT...!!" choked Tyrome, jumping from the unexpected sensation. He'd
never had his asshole licked before, never having found a female freaky
enough to try it.
Clarence savored the taste of the hole on his tongue before swiping
it again. He loved how Ty's body jumped and jerked every time he licked his
bud. Most straight guys didn't know how to take the feeling at first. Some
liked it, most learned to like it after repeated experiences, but then
there were those who's manhoods were really rocked and threatened by the
experience and couldn't handle it at all. Clarence wondered which type Ty
would be as he buried his face between the cheeks and starting sucking the
hole outright.

"Oh fuck...! Oh shit...!!" groaned Tyrome, trying to crawl away from the
intense sucking. It felt like someone had attached a vacuum to his anus and
turned it on. Clarence suctioned his fat lips around his anal ring, and
darted his long fat tongue in and out of his anus. He grabbed the man
around the hips to hold him steady, keeping him from getting away.

"Shit man..., stop..." moaned Ty weakly, falling flat onto the
mattress. Clarence followed him, keeping his face pressed up between the
ass cheeks.
Tyrome managed to roll over onto his side, trying to twist and turn
his ass out of the way, but Clarence merely twisted his head to get a
better angle, scissoring Ty's legs open as he continued to suck and slurp
at the pouting hole. Ty squirmed, trying to wiggle away as Clarence got him
onto his back and locked his legs so he couldn't move. Ty lay his head on
the bed with his ass raised high in a vulnerable position so Clarence could
get full access. The younger man devoured the hole before him, tongue
fucking him and sucking on the hole until he had it pulsating and dripping
wet with his saliva.
He pressed a forefinger inside, feeling the relaxed muscles clamp
down on the invader. Tyrome groaned aloud as the finger moved back and
forth. Clarence reached up between Ty's legs, finding his hard dick and
began stroking it while adding another finger to the tight ring. He
alternated fingers and tongue as he slowly but surely caused the hole to
open more and more. Tyrome was pre-cumming like crazy after Clarence found
his prostate gland and began poking and massaging it profusely. Tyrome
found himself moaning heavily as he started to spread his legs to get the
fingers to go in deeper.

Primed and ready for penetration, Clarence reached for a small
packet of lube he always carried for emergencies in his pants pocket. He
pulled his thick fat long dark dick from the slit of his purple shorts, and
started to massage the lube along the shaft out of sight. His face was
still pressed between Ty's ass cheeks, licking and sucking the sweet hole
as Ty slowly stroked his own dick. He'd never felt anything so nasty and so
good before in his life! Was this how women felt when they got their
pussies sucked? He wondered.
Clarence licked his way up from Tyrome's ass towards his balls. He
rolled the ball player back onto his hands and knees, positioning his round
buttock waist high as he prepared it for fucking. He kissed and licked his
muscular back as he pressed his dick head up to the wet hole. Instinctively
Ty's anus snapped shut, sensing an invader near. Clarence pushed his head
into the center, massaging the ring as he slowly added more and more
pressure. Using the same technique he used with his tongue, he pressed in
and out, in and out, in and out until the hole started to open
automatically. Tyrome gasped when the fat head penetrated his anal lips,
the sphincter muscles clamping around the dome of the penis.


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