College Boy Part 3

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"Just relax!" encouraged Clarence, really wanting inside the hot Captain's
ass. "Pretend like it's my tongue!"

"Your tongue wasn't that fat!!" reminded Ty, squeezing his eyes shut as he
tried to grin and bare it. Clarence reached down and around Ty's waist to
feel for his dick. Totally limp now, Clarence grabbed and massaged it while
merely holding his dick head inside the anus. Eventually Ty's dick started
to respond as Clarence began to feed his ass more dick.

Clarence pulled Ty
upright on his knees until Ty's back was flat against his chest. He kissed
and sucked at the player's neck and shoulders while he slowly jacked him
and inched more long dick into his anal track.

Tyrome moaned and groaned as his ass was packed full. He tried to
endure the pain and pressure, but there always seemed to be more dick
pushing forth. Finally he felt Clarence starting to thrust back and forth,
sawing his dick in and out of his anal ring. Ty felt breathless as his ass
was fucked slowly from behind. Clarence was sucking at his neck (one of
Ty's hot-spots), holding his torso and pinching his erect nipples with one
hand, while jacking him with the other. Tyrome threw his head back on
Clarence's shoulder, feeling his anal muscles relax as the dick moved
through him at a nice slow pace. Soon his dick was rock hard in Clarence's
hand, the pre-cum flowing once again.

"You like this?" asked Clarence, pushing and pulling back and forth faster.

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"uhh..." groaned Ty. "Just fuck me and get it over with, man!" he said,
trying to sound indifferent. But Clarence knew by the sucking anus and the
pulsing dick in his hand, that Tyrome was enjoying this butt fucking more
than he let on.
Clarence moved his lips up to Ty's ear, licking and nibbling the
lobe as he stuck his tongue into the opening. Tyrome groaned louder,
pushing his ass back on the dick. His breathing became heavy as he arched
his back so his ass stick out further for fucking. Clarence knew he had him
right where he wanted him as he picked up the pace and started to fuck the
ball player harder.

"I LOVE your ass, man!" whispered Clarence between soft wet kisses on the
ear and neck. "I could fuck this hole for hours if you'd let me! If I
joined the University, would you let me fuck you regularly? Would you be my
personal bitch, to fuck when and wherever I wanted?"

"Oh fuck, man..." moaned Tyrome, his dick jumping his Clarence's expertly
jerking hand.

"Is that a yes, man? Would you be my bitch? Would you let me fuck you
again?" whispered Clarence, knowing he HAD to make Ty agree before he came,
--before he came back to his senses. "Your pussy feels so fucking good on
my dick, man! I love how it snaps down on me and holds me inside you, like
it doesn't wanna let me go! Do you feel it, baby? Do you like? Would you
like to let me fuck you again on a regular basis?"

"Maannn..., don't do this to me..." moaned Tyrome, feeling weak. The
constant massage of his prostate and the combination of jacking and sweet
talk was putting him over the edge. Tyrome didn't want to cum with another
man's dick up his ass. What would that say about him as a man?
He grabbed at Clarence's hand, trying to stop him from jacking him
off. Only faggots came with a man fucking their asses!

"Come on, baby..., you know you like it! Tell me how much you like having
me in you!" whispered Clarence, pushing even more dick up inside the hole
and making Tyrome groan more. "Your ass feels so much hotter and tighter
than any girl's pussy I've ever had! You're such a hot fucking dude, I
could suck your dick everyday before and after I fuck you. Did you like how
my mouth felt on your dick?"

"Yeeahhh..." moaned Ty, giving in more and more.

"Wouldn't you like me to blow you on a regular, man? Wouldn't you like to
blow your load in my mouth..., down my throat?"

"OOOooo Fuuuuck...!!" groaned Ty, losing his senses.

"I could take your dick into my mouth and let you cum straight down into my
throat if you want..., so long as you give me this sweet ass-pussy to fuck
whenever I want it!" whispered Clarence, --fucking, sucking, and stroking
all at once. Tyrome's mind and body was on fire with mixed emotions. "Would
you like that, baby? Does that sound good to you?"

"Oh FUCK...!!" yelled Ty, his asshole suddenly squeezing down on Clarence's
dick like a vice. His body stiffened as his dick swelled in Clarence's
hand, shooting hot thick ropes of cum all over the hotel bed sheets as he
grunted and gasped for breath.
Clarence used that opportunity to hump harder into Tyrome's
spasming body. He held him tightly to keep him from wiggling away while he
fucked at his clinching ass with hard deep strokes. Tyrome grunted and
groaned as the dick pushed through his clamping sphincter to pound into his
heated bowels. Clarence felt his own orgasm coming on strong as he gripped
Tyrome's body tighter. He humped up into the tight ass before him, his dick
swelling before losing it's massive load into the ball player's
bowels. Tyrome could feel the dick pulsating wildly inside him, his colon
growing warm with liquid. He could hear Clarence panting for breath behind
him. He could feel his heavy heart beat against his back. He held his
ground until he felt Clarence's grip on him loosen, allowing him to climb

Clarence fell out on his back on the bed, his thick long snake like
dick lay dying slowly across his thigh. Tyrome couldn't help but stare at
it, not having seen how long it was before it entered him. He estimated
Clarence to be about 12 inches long! From the wet streaks left on it, it
seemed that only about a third of it had actually made it into his ass.

"We kew?" asked Ty, climbing off the bed to his feet.

"Yeah..., we kewl." said Clarence, peeking up over his chest.
Tyrome reached for his clothes, eager to get dressed and get
out. Clarence rose up on his elbows, admiring the view of Ty's brown butt
cheeks as he put one leg behind the other in his pants and underwear.

"Are we gonna do this again?" he asked, smiling as his dick started to
lengthen across his leg.
Ty looked back at him as he threw on his shirt.

"We'll have to work on finding someone to take you on a regular, man..., my
ass ain't taking no more dick!" informed Tyrome.

"But you like it! You came while I was fucking you!" defended Clarence.

"I like PUSSY, man! I ain't gay!" explained Ty, putting on his shoes.

"We'll see." smiled Clarence, as Ty practically ran for the door.
Ty couldn't believe what just happened as he stood waiting for the
elevator. His asshole felt 10x as big as normal, as it still throbbed from
the fucking it got. He tried blacking out what happened as he jumped onto
the elevator and pressed for the Lobby. When he got back to the frat house,
he's have to grab 2 or 3 girls to fuck to prove he was still a man! That he
still had what it took to fuck a girl and get her off! A man's body was
made for fucking women, to cum inside them, not to be came inside! When the
elevator doors opened, he was shocked to see the Coach escorting Clarence's
mom and dad inside. They all met in the lobby, with Coach congratulating
them on signing their son to Jeremiah University.

"What do you mean...?" asked Tyrome, confused. " mean.., they already

"Clarence signed with his parents in the Deen's Office before we went to
dinner! Why do you think we were celebrating?" asked Coach Brown, walking
the parents over to the elevators.
Tyrome frowned when he realized Clarence suckered him, tricking him
into letting him fuck him despite knowing he'd already signed to
J. University.

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