College Boy Part 4

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Tyrome Smith returned to the Frat House angry as hell. He had been
tricked into allowing his asshole to be fucked by a college freshmen. He
pulled his shinny jet black soft top convertible CorvetteX20 in front of
the building, and ran inside. He grabbed the first beer he came across,
chugging it down until the entire bottle was drained. As soon as he was
done, he found another and began drinking that as well.

"You okay, man?" asked one of his teammates (Carter Sanborne), concerned.

"I'm fine!" said Ty, breaking through the crowd full speed. He grabbed one
of the girls he frequently fucked, and dragged her upstairs without so much
as a `hello'.
He took the girl to his room and slammed the door. "Take off your
clothes!" he ordered, finishing his beer.

"Hello to you, too!" said the girl, sarcastically. "I haven't seen you in
weeks..., now you just wanna come in and..."

"Take off your fucking clothes!!" yelled Tyrome, smashing his beer bottle
against the wall. The girl jumped, then started to nervously
undress. Tyrome began tearing at his own clothes, ripping off his expensive
silk shirt and yanking at his designer pants.
The girl stood before him completely naked, her perky tits and trim
light brown waist beckoning for him to come.

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Tyrome walked over to her,
grabbed the sides of her head, and stick his tongue into her slack
mouth. The girl accepted his tongue, having fucked with Ty before. He was a
handsome man, nice body, thick dick, great game on the court, --most girls
wanted to get their hands (and legs) around him, he was sure to become a
name worth remembering once the pro-balls started calling. She thought like
most of the girls thought who chased ball players, if they fuck them good
enough maybe the men might keep them around or eventually marry them if
they could manage to get themselves pregnant before they hit the big-time.

Tyrome and the rest of the guys knew what the girls were up to
(thanks to coach), as most of them (but not all) wore condoms to cut down
on chances of getting trapped. But even then, some of the more devious
girls took straight pins and razor blades with them to stab and sabotage
the condoms while they were still in their packages. Once the unsuspected
sabotaged condom is rolled onto a hard penis, it is sure to break sometime
during sex, or at the very least break or leak once full of semen,
heightening the chances of pregnancy and a life of leisure as the baby's
momma of a famous baller through child support.

Tyrome pulled the girl over to his bed, laying her down as he
pulled apart her luscious legs to admire her juice pussy. He licked his
lips hungrily, his fat hard dick standing thick and straight as he bent
down and kissed her directly on her vaginal lips.
The girl moaned as the handsome ball player started to eat her
pussy out, licking and sucking the soft flesh and pulling at the flaps with
his lips. He stuck his tongue into the hole and sucked feverishly at the
clit, enjoying the taste and smell of her scent.

Then Ty's mind started to trace back to the hotel, recalling how
the new recruit had ate his asshole as if it were a woman's pussy. Tyrome
remembered how intense the feeling was when he felt the man's lips and
tongue sucking heatedly at his bare hole. He wondered if that's how the
girl felt now, while he was eating her out.
He looked up into her face, watching her moan and groan as she
tossed her head from left to right. Tyrome's asshole started to throb in
remembrance of his anal eating. Much to his surprise, he felt something wet
starting to leak from his hole. When he reached around discreetly to feel
what it was, he was shocked to see the semen inside him starting to leak

Panicking, Tyrome jumped up from the girl's pussy and reached for a
nearby condom. He quickly ripped it open and peeled it down the length of
his fat dick. He aimed it up to her opening, then leaned into her. The girl
groaned as his dick entered her, slowly sinking all the way in up to his
hairy balls.
Tyrome lay down on top of her, grounding his meat around in her
snatch while he squeezed and sucked at her titties. He suckled the hard
nipples while squeezing the breasts, sliding his dick in and out of her as
she spread her legs wide and wrapped her arms around his back.

Ty fucked in and out of her at a fast pace, loving her grunts and
groans as he fed her more dick. Instantly he was reminded of his own anal
fucking, where he was on the bottom of the man fucking him. He recalled how
the big dick felt moving in and out of him, fucking him deep and making him
take the entire load in his ass.
Ty started fucking harder, slamming his hips into hers as they both
started to moan in unison, taking out his shames and frustrations on the
girl. She reached around and grabbed two big handfuls of his beefy buttock,
squeezing the cheeks and pulling them apart as she pulled him into
her. Tyrome felt his anus stretch open with every withdraw, causing more
and more semen to escape the relaxed hole. Tyrome could actually feel the
loose semen running from his hole and down across his hairy balls,
signaling his own climax as he humped into her one last time and yelled out
loud. The girl came too, her pussy clamping down on Ty's embedded dick as
she accepted his packaged load.

After catching his breath, Tyrome rolled off of the girl and onto
his back. He looked down to make sure that the condom was still there, and
that it hadn't broke or been sabotaged by straight pins or razors. Once
confirmed with his load intact, he fell back against the bed and waited
until his breathing returned to normal. Meanwhile the girl was cuddling up
next to him, rubbing his chest and erect nipples and stroking his ego by
telling him how good a fuck he was. "If you don't mind, I'd rather be by
myself right now." he said coldly, causing the girl to jump up off the bed
in a huff. She threw on her clothes and stormed out of his bedroom better
than Halle Berry in X-Men. Tyrome simply lay there, his body resting as his
mind wandered back to the hotel room where he lost his anal virginity.
Somewhere, somehow, --he had to get back at Clarence Johnson for
ruining his life!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Once college started and the sports teams started their practices,
the spectator seats began filling with admirers looking to see their
favorite players and newest recruit hopefuls in action.
On the basketball practice court, Clarence Johnson was very
impressive, hitting every foul shot, 3 point shot, lay-up, slam dunk, free
throw, and 2 pointer he got his hands on. He ran passes with several key
members, trying to learn their game styles to help anticipate where they
would be on court in any given game. The Coach was ecstatic about having
the talented 18 yr old on his team, as was the rest of the players. They
worked out plays and pass formations that had worked for them in the past,
as well as learned new plays that Clarence brought to the table.

Tyrome kept a considerable distance between them, not interacting with the 6 foot
4 newbie, still sore over what happened to him back at the hotel. Some of
the other players noticed the cold looks and evil stares, wondering what
was going on. Coach Brown noticed that his star Captain wasn't taking the
time to nurture Clarence like they planned, and requested to see Tyrome in
his office after practice.

"You wanted to see me, Coach?" asked Tyrome, still sweaty after the game
before hitting the showers.
Coach Brown had been sitting behind his desk, going over play books
and stats when Ty came in. He tossed his papers onto his desk and sat back
in his seat, looking up at his star player.

"What's going on between you and Clarence?" he asked, straight out.

"Coach...?" asked Ty, surprised. `Did the coach know something' he
Coach Brown took off his glasses...

"Do you think I'm blind, Ty? I can see without these reading glasses you

"I know..." said Ty.

"So explain to me why I haven't seen you say two words to Clarence Johnson
since we signed him up? You know how hard we fought to get him in J.U.,
keeping him away from Seymour College! Why are you acting funny against him
now? He needs to learn our playing style, he needs to get used to
interacting with his teammates! You won't have a connecting bond with him
if you don't allow him to learn your game!"

"Coach..., you don't know Clarence like I do...he's NOT the team player we

"Look Ty..., I'm not interested in his personality off the court, just his
performance ON court! Now..., whatever rift you two've got going on between
you needs to be cleaned and cleared up before you step foot on the woods!
You're team Captain! This's your team as well as mine! We need to get our
shit together! MAKE AN EFFORT, son!!"

"Yes, sir." said Tyrome, understanding that the Coach was right.
He left the Coach's office, knowing that the team came before any
personal issues. He'd HAVE to find away to get along with Clarence on
court, while getting his revenge off court.

Walking back down towards the locker room, Ty noticed most of the
team was already showered and half dressed when he returned. He down played
what the Coach had to say, unsure if he wanted his boiz in on his beef
between him and the new guy. If he let it leak out that he and Clarence had
beef between them, the guys would want to know what happened, causing Ty to
have to reveal how he'd been tricked into letting the new guy butt fuck him
in his hotel room (last chap).

Ty walked into the shower, carrying nothing but his towel over his
shoulder. Most all of the players were sure and confident of their bodies,
they often walked around the locker room in the buff or in jock straps
obliviously. Ty walked into the shower room looking to get under the
warming massage of the spraying water. He needed to wash away the sweat of
a long practice session, but more importantly he needed time to relax and
clear his head about his situation. Here he'd been violated in the worse
way a man could be (butt fucked up the ass), and he had no one he could
relate his mental anguish and pain to. Clarence Johnson tricked him into
letting him fuck him, taking away his pride and manhood and leaving him
with nothing. Tyrome felt he needed vindication in order to get this ordeal
behind him.

The shower room still had a few players in it when he got
there. They were laughing and making jokes, talking about some of the new
girls they were already trying to bed down, and voicing their hopes and
expectations of a successful season this year. Ty added nothing to the
conversations as he picked himself a stall and turned on his shower
head. He let the warm spray wash over him, almost instantly soothing his
tense muscles as he closed his eyes and tuned out everyone around him.
When he began to lather, he used a fresh bar of soap which he
smoothed all over his body; chest, arms, pits, wash board stomach, back,
thighs, legs, crotch, and buttock. It was while he was washing his buttock
(his soapy fingers grazing over his puckered anus), that his dick started
to slowly swell and stiffen. Embarrassed, Ty looked around to see who was
left in the shower to observe him. He was somewhat surprised to see that he
was the last player left in the shower. All the other players had finished
off and moved on without him.

Ty continued to soap up his anus as he slipped a curious finger
into the ring. He groaned softly as memories of his one and only butt
fucking filled his head. Ty pushed the finger deeper into his anus,
slipping it back and forth to efficiently fuck himself while stroking his
soapy manhood. He still couldn't believe he allowed himself to be fucked by
another man, yet he couldn't help recalling how intense his orgasm was when
he finally came. Something inside him was feeling good, making his whole
body react while getting fucked. He stroked his dick to that memory, his
hardon starting to pulse in his fast moving fist.

But before Tyrome could finish his climax, he heard the sound of
another shower head turning on. He opened his eyes to see 18 yr old
Clarence Johnson using the shower stall opposite him. The 6 foot 4 inch
tall dark skin baller was facing Tyrome, soaping up his long torso and
crotch as he slowly stroked his lengthy black snake. He caught Tyrome
masturbating in the shower stall, fingering his own ass. Ty noticed a broad
smirk spreading across Clarence's face. Ty instantly stopped jacking his
dick, and removed his fingers from his hole.

"Too late, man..., I saw you!" smiled Clarence, making Tyrome blush with
anger. "Anytime you need me to help you reminisce, just let me know!"

"Fuck off, CJ..., that was a real shitty thing to do to a teammate!" swore

"And trying to lure me with female whores wasn't?" asked Clarence. "You
tried to get me to sign by trying to entice me with sex..., all I did was
change the sex you were offering to something I would rather prefer!"

"But you knew I wasn't gay! You knew I wouldn't've been down with what you
did had you not tricked me into thinking you hadn't yet signed!"

"What're you REALLY mad for, Ty...? You mad cuz I out smarted you and
tricked you into giving up the booty? Or are you mad cuz you know you
really liked it?" asked Clarence.

"Fuck you! I didn't like nothing about that shit!" yelled Tyrome, feeling
his manhood questioned.

"Buttshit, dawg..., I was there, remember? I saw you cumming all over the
bed sheets with my dick all the way up your ass! That ain't something you
straight boiz're supposed to like you know?" teased Clarence, still
stroking his mighty log.

"And what about how you sucked my dick?" asked Tyrome, trying to come back.

"I already admitted to you that I'm gay! Sucking dick and sucking it well
goes with the territory!" countered Clarence. He eyed Tyrome's muscular
body up and down, his stare focusing on his limp dick. "Want me to do it

"Fuck NO!" said Tyrome, turning his back to rinse off.

"Oh, I see..., you wanna give me that ass again!" smiled Clarence, causing
Tyrome to spin back around, covering his ass with his hands.

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