College Boy Part 5

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"You're fucking twisted, man!" he yelled, distastefully.

"I bet you I could make you cum without touching your dick!" challenged

"What?" asked Ty, thinking he was hearing things.

"I bet you I could make you cum right here right now, without once touching
your dick!" repeated Clarence, having picked this idea up in a story he
once read.

"How the fuck're you gonna do that?" asked Tyrome, curiously.

"Think I can't do it?" asked Clarence, clearly interested.

"No hands? No mouth?" questioned Ty, for clarification. "What I get if you
don't?" he asked curiously.

"I'll give you the best blow job you'll ever have..., I'll even swallow
your cum for you!" offered Clarence, knowing he could live with that bet.

"And if I lose...?" asked Ty.

"You have to let me fuck you again, at the time and place of my choice!"
Ty seemed to be thinking the deal over, doubting seriously that
Clarence could make him cum without touching or sucking his dick. He
thought back to the hot blow job the baller gave him back in his hotel
room, Ty nearly came in the taller guy's mouth every time he swallowed his
dick whole. Tyrome knew he could certainly go for another one of THOSE kind
of blow jobs, and accepted the challenge despite the hatred he felt towards
the player.

Clarence walked across the shower floor, his long thick dick
swinging ominously between his dark thighs. He stood over Tyrome, then took
the soap from him as he lathered up his hands and knelt down on the
floor. Ty watched curiously as Clarence reached up between his legs and
started to finger his ass crack. Ty's dick started to harden almost
automatically as he rubbed his long digits back and forth over his tightly
puckered anus.

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Clarence was face to dick with Tyrome's hard penis. He looked up
into the face of the older male whom stared down at him curiously,
wondering how he was going to get him to cum without touching his
manhood. Just when he was about to question Clarence's technique, Clarence
shoved a middle finger deep into Ty's anus, causing Ty to gasp aloud.
Ty rose up on his tip-toes, trying to escape the digit as Clarence
jammed and twisted his finger around in the gripping chute. Ty reached down
and grabbed Clarence's wrist, trying to dislodge the finger as Clarence
wiggled it around inside until he found Ty's prostate.

"uhhh...!" groaned Ty, struggling less. His dick remained hard as it stuck
out 9 inches from his body. Clarence found it difficult to ignore the hard
penile as it appetizingly bobbed before him like bait. He longed to take
the hard muscle between his lips and slurp along the shaft until he ate the
star's creamy load. But a promise was a promise. Clarence fingered the
tightly sealed hole until he felt Tyrome's body slowly begin to loosen. Ty
leaned back against the shower wall as Clarence added another finger,
pushing it up inside the pulsating hole while Ty groaned and reached for
his dick.
Clarence smacked away Tyrome's hand as he fingered the hole
deeply. "Why can't I jack off?" asked Ty, his dick practically demanding
attention as it bobbed and pulsed in mid-air.

"I'm running this show!" said Clarence, staring up at the basketball star
from his knees. "You cum when I say so!"

"Maaannn..." whined Tyrome, feeling the fingers move in and out of him. He
bent his knees, giving the searching fingers deeper access as they jammed
in and out faster.
Clarence found Tyrome's prostate gland, then started to poke and
massage it with his longest digits. Tyrome found himself groaning louder as
his asshole spasm around Clarence's fingers. He needed to stroke his dick
badly. He reached down and grabbed it again, only to have Clarence push his
hand away. "Come on, man..., let me cum, pleeeassse?"

"Turn around...I'll make you cum...!" insisted Clarence, working over the
Ty hesitated, looking concerned as he looked down at Clarence's
hard 12 inch python.

"I don't wanna get fucked again, yo!" he protested, his eyes glued on the
black monster below.

"I won't fuck you unless you beg me to!" clarified Clarence, twisting and
turning his fingers around inside.
Tyrome groaned aloud from the finger fucking, Clarence's fingers
squeezing in and out of his tight anal ring to probe around deep in his
rectum, hitting the `joy spot' (as Clarence liked to call it). Clarence
fought the temptation to lean forward and lick the salty end of Ty's dick,
tasting his pre-cum. The last time he sucked Ty's dick, he let him waste
the load all over the hotel sheets beneath them, but this time Clarence
intended to watch every ounce of the star's sperm spurt from his dick,
shooting from the twitching penile in long juicy ropes. He wanted to eat
Ty's load whether he won or loss the challenge, but first thing's first as
he HAD to make Ty cum without touching his dick in order to get another
chance at fucking that sweet ass.

Ty was leaning against the shower wall, groaning softly as his
asshole was being manipulated. Clarence was hitting something inside him,
something that made his dick jump every time his fingers probed him. The
pre-cum was starting to drip down off the tip of his dick, making Clarence
hungry for it.
Clarence reached up with his free hand and began gently squeezing
Ty's balls, feeling the soft fleshy sack as he massaged the delicate orbs
inside it. Ty's dick arched upward, jerking before Clarence's
face. Clarence licked his lips, wanting nothing more than to take the hot
dick into his mouth and suck swallow it, but he needed to show Tyrome who
was in control here, who the real man was if he wanted to ever get back up
the jock's ass again.

Tyrome found himself thrusting his hips back and forth, simulating
fucking as his dick throbbed with the need to sink into something warm and
wet. The fingers in his ass was doing a job on him, and he needed to cum
really bad. Clarence was churning his balls gently with one hand, while
expertly finger fucking him with two fingers from the other. Ty was
starting to understand how a man could cum without ever touching his
dick. His own dick was quickly getting more and more excited as it jerked
and bobbed in mid-air. Ty didn't want to cum this way, he wanted Clarence
to lose so he could cum down in his faggot throat, redeeming himself for
the ass fucking he took at the hotel.
Clarence knew Ty was getting closer to losing his load, he saw the
way the dick jumped and bobbed, leaking more and more pre-cum as it pulsed
with a beat of its own. He could feel Ty's asshole muscles starting to
slowly spasm around his digging fingers, and knew it was only a matter of
time before he popped.

He stared up at the star player's built body, admiring how well
toned Tyrome was with his rippled abs, his trim waist, his hard chest, and
his thick thighs. Tyrome was a woman's dream, a handsome well built
basketball player with a bright future and a big dick. The only thing
lacking on Ty was a personality, --his was shitty. He treated girls like
cattle, and respected none of them. Clarence knew what type of guy Ty was
from the instant he met him, he knew he was an asshole with a great body
and a better game, and he knew someone had to bring him back down to size.
He was still twisting Ty's balls in his hand when he leaned forward
and took them in his mouth, bathing the hairy sack with warm
saliva. "OOoooo shhhiiitttttt..." groaned Tyrome, spreading his legs
further to get maximum penetration.

Clarence rolled each ball around in his mouth with his tongue,
pulling them gently as he sucked and slurped the hot orbs passionately. "Oh
fuck...!" cried Tyrome as his dick jumped above Clarence's face, --his legs
starting to tremble. Clarence jammed the bloated prostate with his fingers
just as the first rope of cum shot from the tip of the dick, land square on
Clarence's right shoulder. "AAHHHHH...!!" grunted Tyrome, as the second
rope shot forth over Clarence's back. Clarence spit the ball sack from his
mouth and watched cross-eyed as the rest of Ty's load shot onto his
chest. Ty was panting hard as he came, his eyes closed tightly as his
asshole spasm like crazy around the probing digits.
Once Ty's dick stopped cumming and the wild jerking settled to a
mild pulse, Clarence took the hard shaft into his free hand and squeezed
the cum-tube with his thumb, forcing out the last drops of semen as it
oozed from the clogged tip. Then he leaned forward and licked the cum drops
away, loving the taste of Ty's sperm as he pulled back to savor it.

He looked up at Ty as the older boy's eyes slowly opened. He looked
down into Clarence's eyes, his dick still pulsating before him. The hatred
began to quickly return to Ty's brain as Clarence smirked up at him and
reminded him that he owed him some ass. "I know...!" said Tyrome, pushing
Clarence's fingers from his throbbing poop-chute as he tried to return to
his shower and block everything else out.
Clarence stood up, stroking his thick 12 inch hardon. Tyrome tried
to ignore it as he turned his back to him in the shower, but that only
caused Clarence to walk up and grind his hardon against his ass.

"Yo man...! I said I didn't want to get fucked!" protested Ty' pushing
Clarence away.

"But you OWE me, dawg!" said Clarence, wanting some ass.

"Not here!" said Ty, afraid someone might walk in and see them. "In my dorm
room, later!"

"But I want to cum now!" said Clarence.

"So cum, just not using my ass!" said Tyrome.
Clarence settled for just having to stroke his big dick, but he
didn't go back over to his shower like Ty intended, instead he stayed with
him and stroked his raging hardon until he felt himself about to cum.

Tyrome looked down at the long hard dick jerking in Clarence's
hand, and marveled at its size. Ty had only seen dicks Clarence's size in
porno movies, and even some of those didn't look real. They could barely
keep them hard, having to grab them tightly about the base as they fucked a
woman's wet pussy for the camera. Even when they came, their dicks looked
half hard. But Clarence's dick was different, even though it was 12 inches
of dark meat, it was as rock solid hard as any dick on campus. Ty couldn't
believe he'd managed to have the whole thing shoved up into his ass at one
point. Hell, after losing the bet, he'd be having it in him again sometime
He saw Clarence's dick starting to swell and throb in his stroking
hand. Curiosity got the better of Tyrome as he sank to his knees for a
better look. At eye level, he watched the dick head swell, then start to
spit sperm out at him. He jumped back in surprised as the first spurt hit
his chest, followed by the second, third, forth, fifth, and sixth. Ty
actually watched Clarence's entire orgasm as he came, and wondered if the
young ex-high schooler had cum that much inside him?

"What the fucks going on in here?" asked coach Brown, standing at the foot
of the shower peering in. He saw his star player (Tyrome) on his knees
before the new guy, with what looked like cum streaks on his chest. Both
players tried to straighten up and act as if nothing happened, taking
separate shower stalls as they washed off the cum streaks.

"uh..., nothing coach! I was, uh..., just trying to show Clarence a few
moves for the court!"

"Right..." said coach Brown. "I want to see you in my office when you
finish your shower Smith!"
Tyrome felt the hairs stand on the back of his neck at the coach's

"Now you got me in trouble!" he said to Clarence, rolling his eyes as he
turned off his shower and grabbed his towel. Clarence couldn't help looking
at Ty's light brown ass as he walked from the showers, smiling to himself in
anticipation of the next time he'd get to slide his meat between those

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