College Boy Part 7

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Several days passed, as Tyrome waited and waited for Clarence to
make his move. Every night after practice, he expected Clarence to knock on
his door to demand payment from their bet. It got so bad at practice that
every time Clarence looked at Tyrome (even on court while the ball was in
play), his mind wondered if tonight was the night? He couldn't concentrate
on anything but their bet, and when Clarence would want to cash in? During
one practice game, Ty did so badly at reading his teammate's signals that
he fumbled or lost the ball over 10 times. Coach Brown shook his head
furiously, blowing his whistle as he pulled Ty off the court.

"What the fuck is your problem, Rome? Why can't you keep your mind on your
game?" asked Brown, yelling at the star player in front of the whole team.

"It's just my game, Coach..., my mind has been elsewhere lately!" he said
in his defense.

"And I know WHERE!!" said Coach, looking at Clarence out on the court,
running from one end to the other as he was passed the ball behind Mikiah's
back in a smooth move as he took the ball all the way up to the rim for an
easy lay-up. Coach Brown watched Tyrome's facial expressions as he watched
Clarence score yet another 2 easy points. "MY office in 5 minutes!"
demanded Brown, walking off the court.

"Not a-fucking-gain!" groaned Tyrome.
The team continued to practice while Ty headed back up to the
coach's office for another impromptu meeting. Ty took one more look at the
team as they began passing the ball to Clarence more and more, he grumbled
to himself jealously as he turned and ran up the back stairs to Coach's

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"Close the door, Tyrome." ordered the coach as he sat behind his desk. Ty
closed the door, still in his sweaty practice uniform. "As you know, I've
coached hundreds of players over my many years here at Jeremiah
University..., and I've seen more than a few players with your situation
come and go."

"My situation...?" asked Ty, confused.

"Yeah..., gay." explained Coach Brown.

"Gay??" asked Tyrome, offended. "I'm not gay Coach!"

"Ty..., c'mon...seriously...I was there, remember? I SAW you on your knees
in the shower with him head!"

"I never gave him head!" defended Ty.

"It's okay, Ty..., I understand! I won't blow your game, I know you've got
a good cover going on with all the fake girlfriends in your life!"

"They're not fakes..." said Ty, having fucked every single last one of

"I've worked with gay players before..., I KNOW how to keep it secret!"
said Coach Brown. "In fact, I've kept a lot of secrets over the years...,
some that would make your head spin!" admitted the coach. "I had this one
player about 6 years ago that liked to give head in the men's room of the
stadium through a gloryhole. He was a GOOD cock sucker, too! Could deep
throat with the best of them, now he's an NBA player!"
Ty's eyebrows went up. Was the coach saying he had gotten head from
one of his students? Was the coach gay? And that so called student HAD to
be Tomas Jackson, of the Chicago Bulls. He was Coach Brown's last pro
student. Tyrome laughed to himself as he pictured the 6-5 all star on his
kness sucking dicks in stalls.

Coach Brown pushed back his chair, exposing the large lump in his
sweat pants. Ty couldn't help noticing it immediately. Brown reached down
and groped himself openly, almost absentmindedly. "I'll keep my mouth shut
about what I saw..." said Coach, "...I wouldn't want to see one of my best
players outted before his career even got a chance to get off the ground!"
he said sincerely. "But my silence comes with a price..." he added, much to
Ty's shock. " know I get horny too, watching all you young players
prance around the locker room in your jock straps and bare asses!"

Ty's mouth dropped. "Coach..." he gasped, unable to believe his
ears. "...are you saying that you' d keep my secret if I...put OUT for

"You make it sound cheap!" said coach, insulted. "C'mon, Ty..., it's not
like you ain't never sucked a dick before..., besides, we go wayyy
back. You just met Clarence!"
Ty nearly choked at the irony. Here Ty was being accused of being
gay while all this time the Coach was a faggot living right up under their
noses! And he would never had known had it not been for Clarence tricking
him into getting butt fucked. He stared at Coach Brown in amazement. HE
actually wanted him (Ty) to suck his dick? His old 45 yr old dick!
Ty felt himself about to throw up.

"Coach...I...I can't..." he said, physically repulsed by the idea.
But before Ty could say anything else, Coach Brown stood up and
exposed his hardon. Tyrome backed up when the older man's 10 inch dick came
into view.

"I've had my eye on you for awhile now, Ty..., but I never thought you were
down like that!" admitted Coach.

"Honestly Coach..., I'm not!" denied Tyrome.

"You don't have to play games with ME, son...I understand..." said Coach,
crossing the room to grope Ty's crotch. "How bout I do you, first?" he
asked, falling down to his knees like a slave.

"Coach, please..." said Tyrome, shocked by his older man's actions.
Coach pulled down Ty's gym shorts, but Ty gripped the waistband,
fighting to hold them up. "Coach...!" he called, trying to snap him out of

"Don't worry about it, one'll know but us!" assured Coach, yanking
down his jock.

"No...!" protested Ty, feeling molested as the Coach leaned forward and
took his soft penis into his mouth.
Ty backed against the closed door as Coach began to feed on his
dick, humming hungrily as he pulled the flaccid phallus with his strong jaw
and lips, forcing it to grow bigger against the owner's will.

"Shit..." groaned Tyrome, giving in as his dick swelled to full mast.
Coach Brown pulled off long enough to sit back on his heels and
admire his handy work.

"Nice piece of meat you got there, son!" he smiled, staring at it
lovingly. "I knew your dick would be nice..., you're a handsome fella." he
finished, taking it back into his mouth.
Ty felt the Coach envelop his dick all the way down the slight
curve of his shaft and into his tight throat. Ty moaned as his entire dick
was sucked expertly for the second time this month by another man. He
couldn't believe the Coach (a man he loved and respected as a former
basketball player for 3 years) was a dick throating fag! Ty could do
nothing but stand there and allow himself to be molested by the older
man. His brain told him `this was wrong', and that he needed to get out of
there pronto before it went any further..., but his loins said `a blow job
is a blow job, and a hard dick had no conscious'.

Coach Brown smoothed his lips up and down the brown shaft before
him, taking it all in at the base. He enjoyed the way it curved down into
his throat as he mashed his face into Ty's sweaty pubic hairs.
Brown breathed in deeply whenever he buried his nose in the hairy
bush, intoxicating himself on the 20 yr old's manly scent. Coach Brown's
brain swooned from the aroma as he sucked harder and took the dick
deeper. His hands roamed up and down Ty's muscular legs as he squeezed and
groped his firm masculine ass cheeks. Ty's balls slapped against the
Coach's chin every time he took him deep. He dragged his lips back and
forth, milking the shaft as he felt the player up with his big strong

"Oh shit..." moaned Ty, feeling himself getting close.
Coach Brown took that as a warning and backed his lips up to the
head and began nursing it like a baby calf. Ty's body trembled as the
Coach's tongue attacked the sensitive head and underside, causing his dick
to throb in the man's mouth. Coach Brown could taste the pre-cum which
formed plentifully at the tip. One hand gripped Ty's muscular ass while the
other gently twisted his tightening balls sack. Tyrome knew he was reaching
the point of no return when he felt the Coach's fingers graze his tight
butt pucker.

"Awww sshhhhhiittttt...!!" he cried aloud, unable to hold his excitement in
any longer.
Brown reached up and stuffed four of his fingers into Ty's mouth to
shut him up, he didn't need the player's downstairs to hear what was going
on up in his office.
Ty panted and moaned as he unconsciously sucked the Coach's thick
fingers while his own dick pulsed and shot out 7 full spurts of hot rich
cum, filling Coach Brown's sucking mouth to capacity.

Brown drank the thick cum down, sucking heatedly along the
pulsating shaft for more. He loved the taste of the player's sperm,
hollowing his cheeks as he tried to vacuum out the last drops.
Ty collapsed back against the door, his body physically exhausted
as the essence was sucked clean out of him. Brown continued to service him
until Ty's dick was totally limp, then Brown rose to his feet and tried to
push Ty to his knees to reciprocate.

"No..., no, I can't..." protested Ty, fighting to stay upright.

"Why not?" asked Brown, dying to get into the player's mouth.

"Because..." said Ty, his mind searching for a believable answer. "...I'm
in a relationship..., --with Clarence!" he lied.
Coach Brown stopped pushing him down and eased up, his dick
starting to soften in his hand.

"Why didn't you say so?" asked Brown, backing off. "I didn't know..., I
certainly would have respected your boundaries!" said the Coach,

"I, uh..., I was too embarrassed to admit it..." lied Tyrome, wiping the
sweat from his brow as he pulled up his shorts. "...but we're really into
each other!"

"Good. I'm glad you're both working it out!" said Coach, tucking his
shinking dick back into his sweat pants. "We'll, uh..., we'll keep this
little indiscretion between us, right?" he asked, not wanting to cause any
trouble between him and Clarence.

"Yeah, sure..., sure!" answered Tyrome, still shocked as he turned for the
door and practically ran back down onto the court.
Coach Brown shook his head at the thought of two players dating. He
chuckled as he closed his door and pulled his dick back out of his pants to
relieve himself some pent up pressure, the taste of Ty's cum still fresh in
his mouth.

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