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These are my favorite blogs from when I was writing all my nonsense on myspace....

Saturday, August 30, 2008 3:34 AM
Well, i am finally here. it is so awkward because to be quite honest i didnt think i would make it but i have. I cant go back to Bloomingdales even though its in a different city.....everyone knows how much i hated it because of drama and nonsense. But oh well. As you can see my hair is gone. I cut it off and took a picture to celebrate.

Who knew the Waffle House has taken the south by storm! its a silly little place i guess to compare it to something in California its like In N Out....We can never get enough of it. The weather is crazy here, humid, lightning, raining, tornados the workds but i like it. I have yet to really venture out and see everything atlanta has to offer just yet but i will soon enough. Of course we are on the hunt for a man preferably 6ft tall [oh yes!] and goatee [double yes!]. I have met a few people very nice people. I am culturally banned from the walgreens by my house. but thats okay i can go to Dollar General [BALLIN!]

Of course i miss everyone back in L.A. i wont be back soon but ill think about you and if you get call at bloomingdales from a creepy voice saying "i haaaate jamieeee" or "i haaaate craaaaaig and or valerie" know its me!

Thursday, August 14, 2008 3:58 AM
Alrighty childrens it is the final week or so before I am out of here.....LOOOOOONG GONE! The mover came today and picked up my motorized automobile and the rest of my belongings. If my aunt can get it for me, shes having my flight moved up to Saturday and my last day at Bloomingdales is going to be on Friday, Thank GOD! Because lets be honest......I really dont like Jamie, Craig or anyone whose been a straight up bitch to me at that place including that stank hoe in cosmetics!

So I'd like to take the time to do some bloomies shoutouts!!!
Chris Hansey- Get it gurl!

Hannah H- I loved how your big ass booty got us into VIP and didnt have eto stand in line

Rose Michelle-You bring life to the 3rd floor like nobody else can with those giant melons and attitude lol

Richard-come on you know you want it lol

Kevin-we still havent gone to taco bell!

Gae T-god we hate jamie!

Milli M-Gospel Brunch was fabulous

Leslie-The lez with pez!!!! [not really]

Erin-Gurl u craaaaaaaaazy!

Craig-I should slap yo short ass! [I'm just saying]

Jamie-UGH! You are so lucky im a nice person bcuz i should have kicked those kankles months ago

Anywho......It is sad I am leaving but it must be done CHILLLRENS! Just in case you forget about me here are some important reminders for 2008!

1. New Britney album end of 2008
2. New Whitney album too
3. You must always end your scene
4. You can choose whether or not to "Go ahead and allow it"
5. Kylie is always better than Beyonce
6. New Missy Elliott in September
7. Try and go to AIDS Walk please
8. Top Design season 2 starts Sept 3rd
9. X-Rated is the best alcoholic drink out there
10. I am always Warm and Tasty

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