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I recently have come across the situation where I am at the beginning stages of a relationship and we are about to take the next step. The next big step!!!

I personally am at that point where I have to define who I am, I have to determine what it is about me that sets me apart from all the rest and figure out what these past people have done wrong and not make that mistake to ensure longevity in this relationship. Blaze my own trail!!!! Leave a lasting mark so if in the unfortunate event that a breakup is eminent I have to personify that motto of "better than your ex....better than your next." Read the rest after the jump...

On one hand I feel really bad about what I am going through now because it seems like I was coming off as this Messiah when I am far from it. Somewhat bashing and I know I have this not so fantastic track record of when it comes to gay dating.

So I definitely have to say in the gay world we cannot hold people and judge people based on their past relationships/track record. Yes, there could be a possibility that whatever happened between them could happen between the two of you but you have to realize that a breakup is rarely a 90/10 kind of thing, it is more of a 50/50 thing where one persons wrong doing affects the other spouse.

I love the concept of starting over in the summer of 2009 and doing it with a fantastic person and it leading to a great long lasting relationship because I never and I mean never do anything short term. I am always in for the long run.

The concept of being with just one person for the rest of your life is kind of an awkward thing when you think about it but it is what we all long for and when faced with it we kind of don't know how to really react to it.

This blog post isn't really about giving advice or anything like that it is more so about me.....something I rarely do and I felt like it was time for me to. I have been blogging since 2004 on various websites and they were rarely about me and what is going on in my personal life so it is definitely time!

I definitely have to apologize to my babe for coming off as a little bitch, I am just scared. It is definitely hard when you are just out in the world by yourself. So now, I am definitely keeping a smile on my face....a positive outlook....a boyfriend fueled by passion...and bringing the best that I possibly can to the relationship which is 100% pure Warm and Tastiness!

I felt this song "Loves The Only Drug" by Ultra Nate is all about how im feeling right now about us and what is yet to come

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