Bottoms UP: The Music Vol 12


*Brand New Podcast*

It has been a while and I felt like I had to come back hard with some good club songs that make you want to just dance! Enjoy.


Number One-Jamie Foxx
Liar Liar-Girlicious
Drink In My Cup-Electrik Red
Obsessed-Mariah Carey
The One-Mary J Blige
Nothing Nothing-Lil Wayne
Give Me A Bottle-Pitbull

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Half and Half

As of late I have been in this good mood because I made the decision to focus more on myself and not on other people and put myself first and kind of put everyone else on the sideline. I do believe that I have been too nice to people in the past and they now take advantage of that which may benefit them for the time being but what does it say about ones character in the long run? Not too much. Yes being there for someone is all a part of being a good friend but you cannot do it forever especially when you see no benefit for yourself.

Of course the fundamentals of any type of relationship whether it be a relationship with family, friends, or spouse.....communication is key. You cannot have a successful relationship with someone without expressing how you feel about things, reaching out to your partner to let them know you care.....let them know that you are there.

That is kind of in the situation I am in right now, I want to date someone and like most relationships after the initial excitement things certainly slow down but if you go from 0 to 60, and then down to 10.....damn, what is that??? Relationships do not thrive when you think about your spouse only when it is convenient.

When you decide to date someone there is a sort of unwritten contract where you are both accepting the fact you are in each others lives and you should at least try to make time for that person regardless. Out of 24 hours in a day what is 20 or so seconds to let someone know you are thinking about them? If one doesn't have time to be in a relationship with someone why drag it along...communicate and tell them you do not have the time. You need that equal balance to survive or else you fall off.

When will we all learn that one sided things don't function??? We never succeed at anything halfway, you must give your all to succeed.

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Warm and Tasty Podcast Show #2


It is the long awaited return of the one.....the only Luis! Luis started on the show back in 2006 when we were the Noise 4 Yo Mama Podcast. He returns and he returns with a vengeance. Not only has Luis returned for this 2 part episode we also see the return of Ann-Sheree.

Ann-Sheree is a senior at California State University Chico and hails from Gardena, California. She is originally a southern girl but there's no trace of that on her. She is always surrounded by homosexuals in some form or fashion but she loves it.

Luis R. is from Northern California [the Buttes] He is a country boy at heart but the gay side took over. He was an interior designer and now works for a Petroleum company. He is now in a relationship with a black guy from Texas. Lets be honest we know he was into black guys all along....because they know how to lay down the pipe!

Listen as we catch up on what all of us have been up to, the past experiences we have had with tingling lubricant, the ban on gay marriage, and other things. This is a 2 part episode and this is just part 1 so Luis and Ann will definitely be back for part 2. Enjoy....

Original Post Date April 7, 2009

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A Gay Wife

Yesterday I got an instant message from someone saying "whats up wife" and I was kind of taken back by it. It made me wonder "is that my role in gay society when it comes to being in a relationship? How did I get to that cast in that role...."the wife."

You have your variety of relationships within the gay community but one very common type of relationship between two men is one where one is the more masculine of the two and the other is a bit more on the femme side. Generally the masculine one is considered the husband and the femme one is considered the wife [or sometimes known as wifey]. Sometimes sexual roles also classify the husband and wife in the relationship with the husband being the top and the wife being the bottom, pretty much like a heterosexual relationship.

Compared to the people I have dated in the past, I have always dated men who were more masculine than I.....oOo and tall [6 footer oh yes!!!] and so if we were in a relationship I would have been considered the "wife". But what are the duties of said wife??? Of course like in heterosexual relationship stereotypes the gay wife would be the homemaker of the two. He would be the one to cook, clean, service and handle all the little things for themselves and their husband while the husband does all the manly masculine things.

As bottoms in the gay community are we really okay with that? Should we drop what goals and plans we have for ourselves and put our "husbands" and his needs up there priority wise? Or are we just accepting it because we are just living out a gay stereotype? What if we want to be the bread winner and have our top man cook for us, run our bath water and clean the house??

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Warm And Tasty Podcast #4

Everybody drink now!!!! On today's show I am joined yet again by my good friend Shawn and another great friend of mine named Darryl. This episode is 98% about sex....primarily because we have all had a little something to drink. Darryl makes good cocktails!

Listen today as we talk about 10" of pleasure, being bisexual, .GIF images, sex positions and past experiences. This is only part 1 of 2 so part 2 is going to be coming very soon!!!

I break the shows into about 20 minute shows so you can just listen rather quickly to them.

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You gotta embrace who you are.....I am thin and I love it!

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Warm And Tasty Podcast

I haven't done any new podcasts in a while but that doesn't mean you can't check out the old ones. The last 11 episodes have been essentially music megamixes that are great and free so why not download them FOOL! All the shows before that are comedy podcasts with fantastic people. I am working on doing more relatively soon but I have been so sidetracked and focused on other things that have eaten up all my strength. But check em out

I have taken the liberty of posting the first episode I did here in Georgia with my two buddies Shawn and Dre.....listen until you cant take anymore!!!!


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People Come And Go

As the summer has gotten underway I felt like I wanted this summer to be a summer of change for me. It certainly has been. Change in a good and bad way. But that is definitely life so you must take it with a grain of salt. Health wise I am still feeling great which is a definite plus. I am still pretty sane which is good. Date wise, it is a little on the rocky side but at the same time it is the gay lifestyle so that is to be expected. So I have decided to put that on the back burner and not really focus on it while I can pay attention to more important things.

It is so weird how easily you can cut people out of your lives. Often a person is a phone call away or even a quick drive away but when you stop talking to someone all together its so crazy how often people come in and out of your life. We always look for that friend whom we wish would stay in our lives forever but its those certain circumstances that do not allow for it and yet we go on with our lives like that chapter never happened.

I took a break from going out to clubs but I am slowly making my return and they're working out quite nicely for me. When I first moved here in August of 2008 I was repulsed by every club in Atlanta as well as for the music that they play; which is primarily because I am so used to hearing all kinds of music at gay clubs. But all of this southern hip hop has grown on me. They seemed to be all the same but I am slowly seeing the differences between the artists and you know something......I can appreciate that. Despite the fact I have talked a lot of mess about the south, it really isn't that bad. I am definitely home sick that is for sure and would love to go back to Los Angeles but if I went back I know that I would stay and not look back.

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Sometimes you just have to stop trying so hard and wake the hell up

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You have to keep it really simple and....

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