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As the summer has gotten underway I felt like I wanted this summer to be a summer of change for me. It certainly has been. Change in a good and bad way. But that is definitely life so you must take it with a grain of salt. Health wise I am still feeling great which is a definite plus. I am still pretty sane which is good. Date wise, it is a little on the rocky side but at the same time it is the gay lifestyle so that is to be expected. So I have decided to put that on the back burner and not really focus on it while I can pay attention to more important things.

It is so weird how easily you can cut people out of your lives. Often a person is a phone call away or even a quick drive away but when you stop talking to someone all together its so crazy how often people come in and out of your life. We always look for that friend whom we wish would stay in our lives forever but its those certain circumstances that do not allow for it and yet we go on with our lives like that chapter never happened.

I took a break from going out to clubs but I am slowly making my return and they're working out quite nicely for me. When I first moved here in August of 2008 I was repulsed by every club in Atlanta as well as for the music that they play; which is primarily because I am so used to hearing all kinds of music at gay clubs. But all of this southern hip hop has grown on me. They seemed to be all the same but I am slowly seeing the differences between the artists and you know something......I can appreciate that. Despite the fact I have talked a lot of mess about the south, it really isn't that bad. I am definitely home sick that is for sure and would love to go back to Los Angeles but if I went back I know that I would stay and not look back.

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