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It is the long awaited return of the one.....the only Luis! Luis started on the show back in 2006 when we were the Noise 4 Yo Mama Podcast. He returns and he returns with a vengeance. Not only has Luis returned for this 2 part episode we also see the return of Ann-Sheree.

Ann-Sheree is a senior at California State University Chico and hails from Gardena, California. She is originally a southern girl but there's no trace of that on her. She is always surrounded by homosexuals in some form or fashion but she loves it.

Luis R. is from Northern California [the Buttes] He is a country boy at heart but the gay side took over. He was an interior designer and now works for a Petroleum company. He is now in a relationship with a black guy from Texas. Lets be honest we know he was into black guys all along....because they know how to lay down the pipe!

Listen as we catch up on what all of us have been up to, the past experiences we have had with tingling lubricant, the ban on gay marriage, and other things. This is a 2 part episode and this is just part 1 so Luis and Ann will definitely be back for part 2. Enjoy....

Original Post Date April 7, 2009

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