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Bottoms Up Vol 14

This is the 14th version of the megamixes. These just get more and more fun to make. I hope you listen to them and you like them. They're meant to be downloaded and played in your car or mp3 player so you can hear a lot of different songs and have a variety of music put into on place for you. Enjoy!


  1. Run This Town-Jay Z feat Rihanna/Kanye
  2. Geeked Up-Young Jeezy
  3. My Partna Dem-Rich Kids
  4. She Do It On Me Like-Chris Brown
  5. Work-Soulja Boy
  6. Missin You-Black Eyed Peaz
  7. Muah-Electrik Red
  8. Sleep On It-Danity Kane
  9. I Got Him [Remix]-Anye Elite
  10. Strippin In The Club-DJ Diamond Kutz
  11. Bout It Girl-Flo Rida feat Trina
  12. Juice-Drake
  13. Candy Shop-Madonna
  14. 4 Minutes-Madonna

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What Is It Called?

What is it called when you know you should have left but keep coming back?
What is it called when you can look past the small stuff and see his bigger picture?
What is it called when you have faith in him?
What is it called when you cry more than you have in your life over him?

What is it called when you smile everytime you hear from him?
What is it called when you say no to everyone else because you want him?
What is it called when you hear something that reminds you of him and it makes you smile?
what is it called when you miss hearing his voice?
what is it called when you know you are the thing that can keep him balanced?

Its called.....I care for you....more than you will ever know

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What Is It With Ass???

What is it about ass that men love. Straight and gay alike both are fans of ass. Is it because they're soft? Is it because there's a hole in between it that you can stick things in? I get why gay men like asses; especially tops because that is the equivalent to a vagina. But when straight men have the vagina why like the ass? I get that people like to slap ass....Well what about slapping pussy!?!? That may actually hurt when I think about it.

So I did some in depth investigation and asked a few tops what is it about asses that turn people on and this is what I gathered.

person1: first i think is the fact that being a top you're only on one side...meaning
person1: you don't get fucked
person1: so that leaves u with ass
person1: in my case
person1: but comes to ass.........having control......and the personal way to intertwine with someone and being inside

person2: they feel great wrapped around ur dick
person2: plus it's the bomb if you're getting pleased and u get a great nutt off of it

person3: The shape, the feel, the taste of a boy booty. I like to caress them & slowly enter them...

person4: just how it looks, how it feels. how it bounce. i eat ass so that's another reason. i wasn't a fan of eating ass but when it got done to me i was like omg this feels amazing
person4: but like i said.,.ima a ass guy and i jus love to feel on a phat ass...gosh i'm gettin hard thinkin about it why do you like ass????

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Ban Gay Sex In India Please

A man in India is trying way too hard in trying to ban gay sex in India. The astrologer filed the petition recently to re-instate the 148 year old law. According to him the ancient scriptures and values do not permit homosexuality and that enabling homosexual sex in India would lead to the spread of HIV and Aids.

Thankfully the courts in India described the law as discriminatory and stated that gay sex between consenting adults should not be treated a a crime.

Lets see what Hindu, Muslim and Conservative Christians are going to be saying about this....

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Bottoms UP: The Music Vol 13

This is one of my favorite editions of it. This edition is based on the music you hear at gay clubs in Atlanta. Well all of them are but this one more so than any other in the past. It has my favorite song "Bust It Wide Open" LOLZ. Hope you like it.....The 14th version is coming in 3 days. You can check out all the previous versions Bottoms UP Megamixes here!



Always Strapped-Lil Wayne/Birdman
Bust It Wide Open-Lil Will
Every Girl-Drake/Lil Wayne
Dancin On Me-Webstar
Hottest In The Hood-Red Cafe
Booty Dew-GS Boyz
Umma Do Me-Rocko
Look Back At Me-Trina
D.O.A.-Jay Z

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It Hit Home Hard

Yesterday I went out with this guy to have dinner and just have a good friendly time. Things were great initially like two old friends laughing and just enjoying each others company. I am the type of person that likes to talk about everything and try not to hold anything back. We were sharing life stories about what is going on with each other when it comes to living in Atlanta. We are both imports from other states and as I was telling him everything that has been going on with me he had a subtle pause.

There was silence for about 4 seconds and he says to me "we can only be friends, we cannot go any further than that." On one hand I had no intention on dating this guy or having sex with him just essentially being friends. On the other hand to know that dating isn't even an option not because of who I am but for what I am was just insane.

Yes we all face rejection in our lives but because this was a new form of rejection that I haven't before....rejected because of my status. Since it was the first time that it has happened I was kind of frozen I didn't know how to respond. I was going through a whirlwind of emotions, I was hurt, I could sympathize with him at the same time but I was mad at his bigotry.

Today as I look back at the whole situation I am fine with it. A friend of mine was saying "Noble its a regular thing don't take offense to it. Just a part of what we go through" and hes right. Whenever we face something for the first time it is always such a big deal and we blow it out of proportion.

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