How Do You Ride Your Mans Dick? Part 1

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"I know how to (fuck) I know how to (ride) I can spin around and keep the dick still inside"

How many of us thought "what a nasty bitch" when we heard those lyrics? But in all reality its something we all do or have it done to when it comes to sex. But you have to wonder [if you are a the bottom] "Hmm am I doing it right? Is this guy getting pleasure from me being in control for the moment?"

Why is it he wants you to be on top? Maybe its because he wants to see that ass bounce back and forth. Or maybe he wants a bossy bottom. It allows you to control the pace of intercourse, motion, how far his dick is going inside of you and allows you to determine just the amount of dick you need to get off.

There are a variety of positions you can somehow put yourself into like the Bee, or the Cowboy [originally named cowgirl but I'm putting a gay spin on it], the Balance, The See Saw, Reverse Mastery or even The Monkey. Which you can see them all in How Do You.....Part 2

A lot of the time these sex articles come from my opinion and outlook on things but this time around I felt like I needed to get different opinions. So I asked five people [two tops, a versatile top, fully versatile and a bottom] a few questions as to how they like to ride or have someone ride them. Here are 5 different opinions from 4 different positions.

1)What sexual role do you consider yourself to be?
Top: Top
Top 2: Top
Vers top: Versatile top
Fully vers: Fully versatile
Bottom: Bottom

2) Do you like your bottom to ride?
Top: i do enjoy when my bottom booty takes that dick and sits right on it
Top 2: depends on alot, if I'm drunk, if I'm on, if they new to riding, if they tell me lay back
Vers top: yes
Fully vers: yes, nice when i wake up to it
Bottom: i love to ride a good dick

3) If you had to choose, would you like him to ride it fast or take his time and grind it slow?
Top: most definitely slow and grind...nothing works better than to involve times velocity.
Top 2: slow grind make it get wet and juicy
Vers top: fast
Fully vers: a mixture of both would be the best general answer cuz sometimes i want it fast, sometimes i want to feel every bit of it slowly
Bottom: n/a

4) Do you like him to face you when hes riding? Or have his back towards you so you can see the action?
Top: both but face me towards the last part....before moving towards other positions to ride it
Top 2: both
Vers top: Facing me
Fully vers: Back towards me unless I am feeling oral then i w ant to be able to give him head while he rides or jack him off
Bottom: both

5) Do you instruct him on what to do or just lay/sit there?
Top: i have to see if he knows what he is doing usually it is best to let them take that sec of control. if the movement isn't right then i have to lift his booty and help him move it just right
Top 2: depends if I'm drunk, if I'm on, if they new to riding, if they tell me lay back it depends
Vers top: depends. if i feel u aren't doing a good job then i will take control
Fully vers: i guide them if i want them to go faster..but if they can take control and ride it its much better
Bottom: i want him to take control

6) Are you doing anything like kissing your bottom? Jacking him off etc, or are you just cooling it with your hands behind your head?
Top: I definitely participate. most bottom cum so fast every time i do that. I jack them and bang. I think its a combination of passion and good hot nasty royal sex
Top 2: All the above, depends on the person
Vers top: I do things I'm gay.
Fully vers: oral sex. i like it best if like i am sitting up or something
Bottom:all of thee above, now when you gone fuck me

Just because you are on top that doesn't mean he cant help you out. Hell he is still getting total pleasure and whether or not you are getting pleasure or pain ask his ass to do something for you. Ask him to play with your nipps, jack you off, kiss you....something! But some things to remember when it comes to riding dick....take your time at first, don't just hop on like your hole is a vacuum and just sucking up dick!! Make sure you are flexible enough because you cannot have bad knees and injuring yourself just so you can be a bossy bottom bitch.

For an entire list of different positions that you can partake in while you ride your partner's dick you can read "How Do You Ride Your Man's Penis? Part 2"

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