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There are so many ways to find love in today's society. The most convenient way is through the Internet. But can it really last? Can you find someone on the Internet and live the American Dream? The Internet is too vast and we are just one of the billions of people using it. There are so many social networking and dating websites out there and the chances that a person is just on one is very minimal.

Just as a person approached you on the Internet they could have approached the same person. So I always think that until you actually meet and interact with someone for more than 10 consecutive hours then you are both really just strangers.

Everyone always glams themselves up a little when it comes to the Internet because they are hiding behind a keyboard and will let you see what they want you to see. We don't see those crazy skeletons that are hiding in the closet.

I have realized that one problem is when you interact with someone from the Internet [interact not meet because its not the physical person its their digital self] and they find out you are interacting with others, the initial person you interact with will get cyber jealous.

What is cyber jealousy? Essentially the act of being jealous because others are transferring megabytes with other people who aren't you.

I definitely think that the Internet is best used for making friends not relationships. Primarily to protect ones sanity. There are those times where people will interact and then meet and then date but the success rate is very rare. Since the war of "I'm just looking to date" and "I'm trying to see what I can get into tonight" is one that will never have a winner.

You have the luxury of connecting through data and tell people you want to date but in reality you have an ulterior motive and are actually trying to digitally charm the person so you can physically sex them later.

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