Moaning During Sex....Do You?

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If he is just hitting it right and you need to express it. What better way to express your feeling other than moaning? It is the ultimate way of communication during sex.

But then you have those who are just silent.....LAME!!! Moaning is such a turn on its hot! It is a definite turn on

It is the best way of expressing excitement and pleasure and conveying it to your partner. Its an easy way to let your man know you are in a total sense of relaxation and are just surrendering all means of control and allowing your body to be in total bliss due to the satisfying sexual experience.

When you are moaning and letting it all out it makes the entire sexual act more personal/active even and can let him know he is doing something to your body preferably a good thing to your body. No one wants to be fucking a dead ass motionless corpse.

You do not need to sound like this sound clip above but it would be hot!


There are those off chances where we moan because we are actually in pain. You are just trying to breathe when you bare your mans huge tool. It could very well be out of helplessness and pain.

If that is the case and you want him to get it over with you can also just pump up the fake meter and moan like crazy because it will turn him on and excite him to the point to where he will be ready to skeet skeet.

If you are the typical moaner why not experiment and turn it up and moan more or even not at all and see what that does to your overall sexual experience.

I asked a few people about their opinions about moaning during sex and this is the responses I have gotten.

Person 1: Hell yeah I love to make my bottom moan its a turn on.

Person 2: yes I like it when they moan, It turns me on

Person 3: Don't hold it in, let it out. Moans are one way of telling me that you like what I'm doing to you.

Person 4: I love to hear moans. But you know what, its not about the moaning. I want to know your into it. You know they say actions speaks louder than words, or moans rather.
So I just need to see that you like what I'm doing.
It will in turn get me more into it.

Person 5: It's a major turn on. It makes you feel like your in control to hit da ass right. It makes me pound that ass even harder

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on August 28, 2009 at 1:23 AM  


on August 28, 2009 at 4:13 PM  

I try to hold my moans back as long as I could because when I give into them sex is over for me...

on December 3, 2009 at 3:05 AM  

i love moaning.

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