Random Rant About Sex And My Life

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As I think about myself and what direction life takes me in these days I wonder "hmm. Am I the relationship type." And I honestly do not know if I am.

Looking at my history when it comes to dating and relationships I do not really think I am. Yes sex is a wonderful thing....I love it! I fucking love it! When you have sex with the same person on a regular basis it can get a little on the boring side.

At the same time we have the idea of a relationship. The idea of waking up next to the same person everyday is so cute. Saying "Yeah i have a man" is cute. Have past relationships worked out for me? unfortunately no. But to think that there is someone out there that cares about you is so heartwarming.

But hold the presses. The thing with me is I like not worrying about others, I like caring for myself. Do I think I can belong to someone else other than myself? I don't think I can.

I feel we all have duties in life and maybe it is my duty in life to just be single. Maybe I am not the relationship type as much as I would like to think that I am...I may not be. Hence all the failed relationships. Although everytime I have broken up with someone it wasn't due to something I did.

Can I accept the single life??? Hmm....I think I can. It was working for me in Los Angeles. not dating and just sexing it up. It is a lifestyle I enjoyed. It worked for me quite well I worked for myself, cared for myself and had plenty of stories to tell. Not to mention the huge collection of men and their dicks in my phone.

I have been in Atlanta for almost a year now, and I tried new things out but when new doesn't work....revert back to old. I think that may be what I am going to do.

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