Are You Truly Ready For A Relationship?

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So do you feel like its time you have grown tired of the single life. Is it time you felt like he should have put a ring on it? But in reality do you think that you are actually capable of handling the commitment and difficulty that comes with an intimate relationship?

I was searching around the interweb because I have been questioning as to whether or not I personally am ready for a relationship; and based on personal opinions, counselors and columnists these are things I have gathered that I feel one needs to before they can actually be or say they are ready for a relationship.

Taking note of past major issues and thing that have caused drama in the relationship.

Everything we do is a life learning lesson so as you examine each run in/fight/ounce of drama that has occurred in your past relationships, try and remember how they were confronted and how they were resolved. Have these issues also changed how you live life? If there is a problem that could present itself in a future relationship then what can you do to avoid it? If you cannot avoid it then how can you make sure it does not escalate like it did in the past?

But what if a said problem is something you cannot deal with or solve just yet; then it is time to seek outside sources like counseling or some means of support from someone.

Are your exes really in the past? Or do they resurface??

Plain and simple...exes are exes for a reason and they need to not interfere with your new relationship. Sometimes people remain friends after relationships, but even if that is the case they need not interfere with your new relationship. If you have to burn that bridge so be it!

Burning that bridge comes with having complete closure. An easy way is to lose all contact information about that person. Phone number....gone, facebook/myspace friendships...gone, email address...gone, pictures...gone. It is easier sometimes to let people go because they have done wrong or hurt you in a way and that is a definite time to get these people out of your life. Learn from it and move on!

You know what that means....No ex sex!!!

How aware of you of yourself?? How is your self esteem?

If you are not content with most definitely cannot be content with others being with you.

A few things we should each be able to identify in ourselves are our own personal values, life goals we have for ourselves, what you are able to live and live without in a relationship and what your strength's and weaknesses are.

What about your self esteem? How do you see yourself? If you do not see yourself in a positive light then that is something that needs to be addressed before you have a boyfriend. Also how do others see you? We all have different personalities at in different surroundings and if you are seen can you change that? Yes there is that whole concept of "others don't matter" but guess what that future boyfriend/girlfriend counts in that group of 'Other People.'

Honestly, do you know what you want from a relationship?

When we enter relationships we can have things that we want but it is a definite no no to compare your current spouse with your ex. But you can still have your relationship expectations which may present itself every time. You need to examine your feelings and needs regarding future relationships. What is it you have to have in a boyfriend and cannot live without? Make that known.

You have to know what you want and need from a potential boyfriend/girlfriend to choose the right one for you.

One thing i tell people on a regular basis when they say they cannot find an adequate man is...change up your demographic you may be going after a certain type of person where those values you want are just not going to be there. So stop going after those tall, dark and dickly types just because they're hot. Physical attraction can only take you so far.

When you answer these questions please be as honest with your responses as possible because it can only benefit you in the long run.

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I REALLY LOVE the direction your blog is going...

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