Body Hair Yes And No's

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Let us tackle the art of man-scaping and body hair. There are certain areas where hair is alright and appropriate but there are other places where hair is just a NO NO! Unless you are a bear and into the whole bear/otter culture then you can just forget everything being said.

Chest Hair

Chest hair is acceptable because it exudes masculinity. But there is a certain amount that
I feel is and is not adequate...This man has chest hair but it does not overpower his chest.
You ca still see his physical features which are the ultimate turn on.

Then you have chest hair like this that is the main focus on the body.
It is all you see so you don't notice how much he has worked out.....
Who wants to kiss hairy nipples...YUCK

Of course no chest hair is always hot hot hot! You get to see everything and enjoy
every part. Lick that man all over his
chest without getting hair balls.

More body parts after the jump.

Treasure Trail

Now that is the hottest part of a man's body. The stretch of hair that goes from the
belly button to the pubic hairline. When you have it in moderation it looks oh so cute!

Some people can work with the large amount of hair in that region but you definitely
have to have a decent sized stomach for it. If you have
rolls then it doesn't look cute what so ever.

When you have none at all or very little that is cleaned up....that looks sexy as well.
Especially if you have a larger stomach or you are a slim person.

Pubic hair

This one is plain and simple, I feel the hair pie should be trimmed and not wild all
over the place. I do not think it should extend past your pubic bones and
wrap around your legs. Also it shouldn't curl too much and look like dreadlocks

When your pubic hair is trimmed and cleaned up that I feel is the absolute best look.
You still have some masculinity to you and it is just an all together neater look

And then there are some that just have none at all.

Ass Hair

You can have a little ass hair but it is best when you have none what so ever.

Nothing beats smooth clean cakes.

Back Hair
Must I go into details about this one? Again unless you are a bear or otter,
back hair shouldn't be for anyone.

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