Getting Tested and Symptoms Of HIV

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Some of the information is going to be information you have seen before if you read the M.A.L.E. Blog

HIV testing is a vital part in living a sexual lifestyle. I am not going to lecture you about sexual health if you want that you can learn about it here. This is just to inform you on getting tested for the HIV/AIDS virus as well as potential symptoms of HIV/AIDS. If you have not taken the test before in then there are rather easy options for you to get tested.

OraQuick Rapid HIV-1 [Blood]- A finger prick to get a sample of ones blood is collected and placed in a tube that contains a pre measured volume of developing solution that detects a presence of the HIV in the blood sample in 20 minutes.

OraQuick Fluid Rapid HIV [Oral]- A patient swabs around their upper and lower gums which is put in a similar developing solution that detects the HIV antibodies by displaying two red lines in a small window on the test tube within 20 minutes.

If you test negative then you have nothing to worry about but if you test is time to take your health serious. Granted we all should take our health serious regardless but for some it will be more important than others. Luckily in our current day and age an infectious disease doctor as well as a nutritionist will be able to help those infected get on a path towards a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some symptoms that a person infected with HIV may experience. There are cases where people who have been exposed to the disease do not show any of these symptoms so it is always best to just get tested.

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