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There is some point in your life where you have have to either have a penis in your mouth a vagina touching your tongue or ass cheese touching your tongue. Sometimes that taste of flesh is not tasty. But luckily the people at ID lubricants have come to the rescue and released their line of Juicy Lube.

This lubricant came into my life in 2005 at Los Angeles Gay Pride. I was planning on hooking up with the person went to the festival with but he said he was new at a lot of things when it came to sex. One thing that I feel is absolutely fantastic is oral sex. He had never eaten ass before so I was looking at lubricants to buy and I came across this Luscious Watermelon flavored lube.

Pride ends and we run to the car get naked and start making out with each other. He turns me over, breaks out the ID Watermelon lube and just pours it in from the top of the crack down to just past the hole. Mind you he had never eaten ass before so I was just laying there saying to myself "oh lord here we go...I hope he doesn't try to bite it." I assume it was because of the lubricant but he was licking all over the place and it felt pretty damn good. Of course whenever someone eats ass they tend to start fingering it as well. So he starts doing that while slapping on a condom and then sticking his penis in. Not knowing he had narcolepsy he ejaculated and fell asleep....we were there for two hours.

During sex I did not have a problem with the lubricant drying up while in the act but on the down side is the lubricant does get rather sticky over time. So when you use it you may have to re-apply more than once.

This lubricant is latex safe, water based, stain free, silicone toy free and is made to enhance lubrication. So for those of you who like to suck dicks then slap some ID Juicy lube onto that dick and slob it down! This lubricant comes in 14 amazing flavors.

Bubblegum Blast
Wild Cherry
Strawberry Kiwi
Cool Mint
Fresh Peach
Big Banana
Passion Fruit
Luscious Watermelon
PiƱa Colada
Passion Fruit
Fresh Peach
Berry Licious
Lemon Drop
Tantalizing Tangerine

You can order some online at

If you are skeptical and do not want to purchase it off the bat you can get free samples here

Here are what others have to say about the lube..

"I love the ID lubricants!! They come in so many cool flavors and are really slippery. They don't stain, but they do get a little sticky sometimes."

"This is really good stuff!! Especially for oral sex!! Tastes like peach jello!!! Will buy again!!"

"I though this product tasted great, my lover and i loved the smell so sweet and relaxing. My only problem was it needed to reapplied often."

"While I don't like using ID Juicy every time, I do like having it around for certain special occasions! ID Juicy is a wonderful product, and this package is great, because it allows you to try many different flavors, and find the ones that you like best. Buy this product, you won't be disappointed."

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