Keep Your Man From Cheating On You

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So lets face it...people cheat when in relationships. Some people feel like its just in their personality while other believe that it is the spouses fault for doing it. So if you are in that special relationship and want to keep your man from cheating there are quite a few things you personally can do to prevent that. As well as a potential breakup that will leave you devastated.

But lets focus on universal reasons as to why men cheat. The most obvious reason as to why men cheat is because of sex. It is possible you aren't doing something in the bedroom to keep him satisfied, you have something he no longer wants or he could be insecure feeling he isn't good enough for you. Your man could feel under appreciated and is wanting to go somewhere else where he can get that appreciation and that spark he once felt in the beginning.

It is easy to just say to your man "you are a cheater" and just blow him off and blame everything on him but you have to remember IT TAKES TWO. So you cannot be just victim in this situation.

So with that in mind how can you keep your man from cheating???

The easiest thing to do is compliment your man. Let him know that he is the ONE for you and you are the ONE for him. People always love compliments and to feel great. But please do not just say it just to say it there has to be meaning behind it. A way to back up how meaningful your compliment is use examples. Pick something out about him and tell him why you love it. Inflate that mans Ego!

When you two talk to each other...what are your conversations like? Have they changed? Are they not as exciting as they used to be? Stimulation of ones mind is vital in any relationship.

When it comes to interactions outside the bedroom...Why not do something for him? Ask him what he
likes if you do not already know by now. Do something special for him. If he has a lot on his plate offer to lighten the load. Why no do something for him that he knows you hate but he really enjoys? That is definitely going to show that you do care about him because you are doing things for him because you want to not because you have to...COMPROMISE! Dates on a regular basis is also going to keep your relationship fresh.

Turn him on when you two are away from each other. You know what I mean by that; we all have some sort of picture of ourselves in a not so PG Rated state. Let him know what he can get a piece of when he gets home. A great and I mean great tip I read about from Lora Somoza is

One simple but powerful tease is to wait til he's brushing his teeth... Then just get on your knees for a second, take him in your mouth for just a quick second, jump back up and then tell him, "Hurry, home, baby..." (He'll be thinking about you all day and chances are, will arrive home early!)

Here's a initiate sexual interactions. That is going to make him feel wanted and needed. In doing that please do not give him the same boring 5 minute head routine. Change your game up. Try something new...something interesting....something a bit more daring. With that in mind give him enough sex to where he doesn't need to get it anywhere else. Wear his ass out!! Wear it out to the point to where he is knocked sleep afterwards.

The one thing that we all have to remember is to seal it with a KISS.

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