6 Common Characteristics In Potential A Man

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When it comes to dating men we all have characteristics that we would like in one that vary from person to person. But there are characteristics that we all look for. So as you read these and as much as you do not like to acknowledge it you will definitely be able to say "yes, this is something that I look for in a man."

When it comes to dating and relationship advice from Warm And Tasty.com I tend to write from the perspective of the less dominant person in a relationship. In heterosexual relationships these tend to be the stereotyped roles of a woman. Or even in gay relationships they tend to be the "bottom" or "femme" person of the two. I tried to put this in a 3rd person perspective but I felt it just made more sense for me to come at you from how I live it personally.

Characteristics To Look For In A Man

How Helpful Are You?
Did we meet at a bar or in a public place? How eager were you to offer a helping hand. For example, I am not the tallest tree in the forest so did you offer to grab something for me that I couldn't reach? What if I am struggling to carry this little basket filled with boxes of cheesecake and X-Rated...did you offer to help me carry some things? Even if I refuse your help, the fact that you offered....ULTIMATE TURN ON!

How Do You Look?
Do you look and dress like every homo running around Atlanta [I say that because even though there are a lot of gays in Atlanta, GA....after about 4 of them you will notice that everyone else dresses the same]? What physical trait or personal style do you have that I can think about that makes me remember you.

How Much Time Can You Devote To Getting To Know Me?
Can you just block out a time in your schedule to get to know more about me? How often does this happen?
Or if in a social gathering can you break away from everyone else and go somewhere that's quiet so we can talk?

What Kind Of Friends Do You Have?
Can they act like grown ass adults outside of the club. No one likes a rowdy queen all the time. How much of an influence do your friends have on you when around them?

How Focused Are You On Me?
If we are out in a public place with a crowd of people how often do you look at the cute piece of thing walking around with his ass hanging out? And more specifically, where are your eyes going on that person? Hopefully nowhere!

How Often Do You Make Me Laugh?
The best way to enjoy someones company is if I am in an upbeat mood with chuckles going back and forth. Laughter always lightens the mood and shows that you aren't so serious all the time...Can you make me laugh and be in such a good mood to the point to where just that alone makes me want to spend more time with you?

How Do Do We Communicate?
Are we able to talk about things not have awkward silences. Are you able to talk about anything without putting on a front? Is your speech universal? Not everyone wants to talk about "whats good."
When in person communication is not possible...how well do you communicate via other sources i.e. email, phone convo, text, instant message. These are instances where one word responses are the ultimate turn-off.

What Is It Like In Bed With You?
Does the sex make me want to come back for more? Is this a 50/50 sexual experience or is it more of a 30/70 one? We often hear the phrase "what one person won't do, another will." Do you excite me in the throws of passion or are you just a plain bore? Hopefully you have some skill in the art of fornication.

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