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If you do not like the term eating ass well there are other substitutes
Analingus, Oral-Anal, Rimjob, Rimming, The Butter Pecan, Muffin-Ass, Ass Mouth, Tookus-Lingus, Eating At The Diner, Going Down Center Field, Ass Pizza, Tunnel Rat, etc.

Let us start with the most important question....Why even eat someones ass out? Well contrary to belief the anus is an erogenous zone with an abundance of nerves that connect to your pleasure center in your brain.

But before you can give it you have to first know how to get it. It all starts with a clean ass. I am not going to go into hygiene because it is just common sense. But as a person who is receiving it, it is always most comfortable for the receiver to be in a position where those cheeks can be spread WIIIIIIIIDE open! Positions that are convenient are doggy style, legs spread apart with your ass lifted, or on your back legs in the air bent while your partner holds them.

Another key thing when it comes to anal foreplay...more than likely after you eat it you will want to stick a finger in there so please trim your nails!!!! That is of the up-most importance!

Now let us you venture down there of course the natural reaction to any object to the anus especially if they do not get it often is their muscles will retract. Which can also be just nerves. So you as the giver need to relax your partner.

Lubrication is a vital key so thank heavens your mouth is going to help you out with that. If you need some flavor bring in some flavored lubricant into the game.

A great way to start the whole thing out is to caress the cheeks. Kiss them....lick them...squeeze them from the top of their crack down to the hole. But wait!!!! Do not just go right for the hole, why not lick around it giving your lover some time to relax and enjoy what is going on.

After some time, you can now approach that ass hole. The muscles around the hole may still be flexed so you need to loosen them. Hover around it, lick and flutter that tornado tongue around the anus. Lick it like you would lick ice cream. Long soft licks with a combination of flat and and then narrow tongue.

After some time and once both of you are into it then it is time to dive in the pool! Of course because you are in between their cheeks your nose is going to be in it as well. Use that to your advantage a little extra touch and sensation there.

Here is an idea...give your bottom and or woman a little bit of control by letting them straddle or sit on your face. This time you are going to be lying down and they will be on top. It allows them to control the pressure and areas of contact.

It is also ideal to use a combination of things by varying your movements, using teeth [extremely lightly], tongue, lips and breath [gentle suction]. On that note about gentle suction do not forget you can still use your tongue at the same time....That will definitely get this kind of reaction.

But once you master your craft you may get this

Always remember....the juicier the better so KEEP IT WET! With all these keys in mind....your partner will be melting in the sheets. So even if you don't like it, try it once for your partner on a special occasion.

Here is what others had to say about analingus. These responses were just way too go so I had to post them here for you to see...

"Yeah this is my forte. I lick the bitch in the ass when they're in the doggy position.
To be truthful not many get off on this and many dont like it. The bitch needs to be uninhibited to get into it. "

"rimming rules! "

"If you are going to rim it helps to have hard liquor available."

"Don't tongue thrust your tongue way way in there right off the start...that's not the way to introduce your tongue into her hot little asshole."

on September 10, 2009 at 8:37 AM  

That pic is just TOO precious...

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