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The Single Life Radio Show is a show that I used to listen to back in the day when I lived in Los Angeles hosted by Sam Phillips and Chris Leery. Sam Phillips is a former pinup model and is notorious for giving it up on the first date. But based on her own accord she has slept with over 500 men. I had to pay homage to the show that has inspired me to turn this blog into a sex blog.

Here is a little synopsis of the show

Hosted by the outrageous Sam Phillips and her “Co-Host with the most one-liners,” Chris Leary, “The Single Life with Sam Phillips” will be a 30 minute lifestyle entertainment show that focuses on sex, dating and relationships. Whether you’re single and dating or in a relationship, “The Single Life with Sam Phillips” will entertain you and make you laugh. Sam Phillips’ popular radio show has been known for its original advice, outrageous observations, in your face honesty and its regular celebrity guests.

I am posting some classic Single Life episodes while on 97.1 FM Talk radio. But you can also listen to new episodes of the Single Life podcast here. I will admit Sam Phillips voice is a little on the crazy side but you get used to it!

97.1 Podcast The Single Life: Ass Play
Sammy and fill in co-host JV want to know, does it make a guy gay if they like when chicks play with their A**?
Download it here

97.1 Podcast The Single Life: Injured During Sex
What have you hurt in the heat of the moment? Dr. Jennifer Jara sits in with Sammy and Chris
Download it here

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