That Infamous Male "G-Spot"

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That one myth or reality that we always hear about when it comes to women and men as well. Of course that female "G-spot" is somewhere in the female cooch and the male "G-spot" is hidden in the depths of his ass.

The more appropriate term for the male G-spot is known as the prostate. The prostate, an organ whose main purpose is to store and secrete semen and is vital for ejaculation.

When it comes to thinking bout ass play when it comes to heterosexual men it is taboo to do anything with the ass...same goes with a lot of tops in the gay community. Bottom's and versatiles on the other hand....totally different story. Lick it, finger it, stick it...enjoy it! But women if you have a liberal man who is secure with his sexuality, guuuuurl lube that finger up and get in your mans hairy ass [chances are it will be hairy since not many straight men are going to be waxing or shaving that ass]. oOo and make sure it is clean clean clean!!!

I have heard a lot about people being able to ejaculate without stroking themselves and by just being penetrated and stimulating that area so much they just burst at the seems. It is like a woman and her orgasm; not everyone experiences it.

[A finger is touching the prostate in the picture shown above]

So how is Warm & Tasty going to get you to stimulate that prostate to have an incredible climax during sex??? The best way to start is being familiar with the area. People who are penetrated on a regular basis are more comfortable with their asses more so than people who do not. The best way to start with beginners is to massage the taint...or the gooch....or simply the perineum which is the area between the anus and a mans balls.

I must express that lubrication is extremely important and do not just go jab your finger into your ass....OUCH!

Once you have that finger lubed up play around the outside of the anus. Also a tongue is an extremely useful tool when doing this as well. As you do this over time your anus muscles will relax more and more and you will be ready to insert a finger in there. AGAIN...TAKE YOUR TIME...unless you're a power bottom [I can't tell you queens nothing you don't already know].

An easy route are sex toys, there are toys specifically made to stimulate the prostate [shown to the right] so this is an extremely easy process but if you cannot walk into a sex shop and pick up the toy, then we can continue with fingers.

When you have a finger in your anus it is definitely better to have your finger pointing upward towards your genitals since the prostate closer to the front side of your body by your is not in the back by spine. There is no right or wrong way to get you going when it comes to playing with your prostate. Some like it being punched, others like smooth and sensual thrusts. Once you find it though, slow it down and enjoy it.

When it comes to stimulating your prostate during anal sex, when the bottom is on his back a top with an upward curving penis would be the most beneficial. If the bottom has a downward curved penis then a position like doggy style would be the best idea.

For those of you who are still skeptical this is what Alice has to say about anal play

Clean fingers with clipped, smoothly filed nails are safe for anal stimulation, and a far cry from a whole hand or sizable objects that can cause tearing of the tissue and bleeding around the anus and in the rectum. Pain upon insertion of anything into any body opening is an excellent indicator that entry needs to be slower, that more lubrication and relaxation are in order, or that the effort should be postponed or abandoned because it just ain't gonna fit. The opening of the anus, or anal sphincter, does stretch, but only to a point. Anal stimulation is not limited to penetration; you can also touch, caress, and rub the area around the anus for pleasure.

on September 6, 2009 at 6:49 PM  

Amazing i have been so wanting an aneros or aeros prostate massager....i hear they are amazing. im a virgin too with males and females so i know entry will definitely have to be slow.

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