WET Platinum Lubricant Review

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Lubrication is a vital part of sex. WET is a company that has a variety of lubricants from his and her lube, to flavored lube, to lube with pheromones, to my personal favorite WET Platinum lube.

WET Platinum is their premiere lubricant which is great to use in all locations.

A personal experience I had with WET Platinum:

I was sexing someone....or he was sexing me rather and we were all into it and loving every moment of it. WET Platinum was just working its magic we were in a variety of positions going for about 40 minutes. I forgot my friend was coming to visit me. Living where I live it is standard for people to leave their doors unlocked. So my friend doesn't knock he just comes in and caught us smashing. So he went back outside while we ran to the bathroom.

Of course no sex is good sex if you do not finish and so we continued in the bathroom. Bent over the sink and even in the shower and I will agree with the makers of WET Platinum...this lube is great for sex in the shower. They usually say oil and water doesn't mix but WET Platinum and water work just fine. If it weren't I would have said something right then and there because water and anal sex do not mix.

I recommend this lubricant just for penetration not so much for self satisfaction. WET says you can use it for massages but it is best just for penetrative sex. But to everything good...there is a bad side and the thing with this is you cannot just wipe it off you. you need soap and water to remove it completely so no quickies. Which when you think about it...could be a good thing. This is not good for use with silicone based sex toys either.

Here is what others have to say about WET Platinum

"This is my all time favorite lubricant. It doesn't break down or get sticky. It leaves your skin feeling really soft."

"WOW... compared to water based lubes ... this is the BEST. Silky, smooth, long lasting, only need a little it is so economical... and compared to the leading brand... better in all respects... Quality, price, luxury."

""The best post menopausal lubricant we've found. "

You can purchase WET Platinum at your local Walgreen's, Walmart, CVS or get it online here.

You can get free samples of WET Lubricant here.

on September 21, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

Can you ship me some of this?

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