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Wednesday, October 14 | posted in | 1 comments

October is usually my month where things always go fantastic for me. They most certainly have but pleasure does not come without pain. What does that mean? It means as doors start to open for you....other doors close. 

I have begun working at a new job which is fantastic because after a year of living here and being under employed I finally have something stable and it takes up a lot of my time. Long days....short nights so I cannot really find the time to write.

On top of that I have a lot of other issues I have to deal with and handle on my own. I definitely understand there are only a few things that you can do by yourself without being able to open up and ask for help/emotional support from others. I am almost at that part where I could only handle my burdens emotionally on my own and am on the way to needing that emotional support to get me through.

But long story short......I am going to be gone for a while until I can get myself back to a point of balance where I am content with myself.

I won't be blogging but i am on facebook/myspace/twitter/yahoo/AIM, so if you need to find me you can find me on one of those social media facets.

deonte' k
on October 14, 2009 at 9:18 PM  

Awwww buddy I hope things get better 4 you OK. ;)

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