How To Just Turn Him Off

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So you met this guy and you went on a date with him and after the first date, you just weren't feeling him. You told him you weren't interested but he just does not get the hint. Days go by where you make no contact with him but he constantly tries to get into contact with you. But you are just too nice of a person to say "Leave me the fuck alone!"

Well there's always a subtle way to let people go and what better way to do that than to just simply be such a turn off to him he just truly doesn't want to deal with you anymore. Here are some ways you can turn that date off so he isn't blowing up your phone anymore.

Dress An Absolute Mess
You two go on a date again and this time just look your absolute worst. No man wants to be seen with swamp thing. But this has a flip side. You may not want to look too messy to the point where you may run into future booty and you can't go from demon to diva [its the best i could come up with].

Expect Him To Pay For Everything
You know how everyone wants to be with that person whose INDEPENDENT! Well its always nice to offer to pay or even help pay for a date. But a person who doesn't and just overtly says "You got it" and just walks out the building and wait for him outside.....grounds for termination lol.

Talk About Your Problems
Go on about all the drama in your life. Mention the drama with your family, all your friends drama. Don't forget to mention the fight you got into last week outside the club with Pookie.

Don't Thank Him For Anything
He buys you dinner, he pays for your movie ticket, he opens the door for you, he even says "bless you." Don't say anything back. Essentially being rude.

Avoid Him
He calls....don't answer. He sends you a text do not reply to it. He follows up that text with another, act like you never got it. Oh shoot here he comes approaching you....make an excuse and escape!

Talk About Your Ex
Mention all the good times you had with your ex. Also talk about all the drama you had with your ex. Nothing is more of a turn off than a person who is still obsessed with their last relationship.

Next week.....How To Turn Him On And Be Cute About It

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