Integrating Change Into Your Life

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A part of living life is accepting change whether it is welcomed or forced upon us. Regardless it helps us in our journey and transforms us into the people that we are. For those times it does not go over so smoothly there are things that we can keep in mind that make the process of accepting and incorporating change in our life's a hell of a lot easier.

When a new situation is put in front of us it takes time to wrap our heads around it. This time allows us to use our strengths and creativity to figure out how we will adapt. On the other hand, not taking the time to adapt to change; you could lose out on a good opportunity that this may bring forth in the future.

In change you have to be able to accept and tolerate whatever means of discomfort you may experience. There are moments where you feel anxious about things and you just need to cool those heels. The good thing is this anxiety is short lived because you will get used to your new situation.

Self Health
Change can bring about high levels of stress. And stress weakens ones immune system, so during this time eating right and getting proper amounts of rest is definitely ideal.

Personal Attitude
Your attitude affects everything you do. A negative attitude brings negative energy and is going to make this new transition a negative experience for you. So concentrate on having a positive attitude and a positive outlook on the situation.

Make Room
This new transition can be a little intrusive and disruptive so it is best to hang on to those things that give you comfort and you can turn to while going through this process. Surrounding yourself with your friends and people that can offer support is also going to ease the pain.

Change is something that you cannot avoid. There are some things you can maneuver around but there is always going to be that one thing you cant bypass. So open it...accept it...embrace it.

on October 5, 2009 at 8:29 AM  

love this post noble! very well written indeed.

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