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How many of you out there have those partners that want you to talk dirty to them and you are just like "WHAT!?" or "I don't know what to say" and how about "I feel weird talking dirty to you." I know I am definitely like that because you don't want your words to haunt you in the future. But remember what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom unless you are the type to sex and tell.

Sex often is about pleasing your partner and dirty talk is an easy way to get your partner aroused. Once you start talking dirty with your partner it gets easier and easier to keep it going and to even do it in the future.

Beginners should always start with something simple. If you are getting some loving and it is feel just oh so good a simple phrase like "I like it when you touch _________" or "mMm right there." Those are the most reserved things you can say that can get your partner going! Nothing beats being complimented on how good their talents are.

Of course during sex things always escalate so now you can move on to get a little raunchier. But and a big BUT...nothing is more of a turn off than when you use the proper terminology of body parts i.e. "Buttock" and "penis" and "vagina" "oral sex" "penetration"

"oOo babe you are orally pleasing my penis very nicely"

"Boo you penetrating my buttocks and it feels heavenly"

You have to turn up the RAUNCHY METER and think like a porn star! Throw out your proper speech and bring some slang into the bedroom. If you throw in a little dirty slang with the right tone in your voice....You will definitely be hitting the spot vocally!

Another great way to ease the both of you into the dirty talk is to ask questions when you two are in the act. "You want me to tear that ass up?" "You like that?"

You will know you are doing a great job if you are asking questions and your partner is unable to answer your questions and all they can give you in response is a moan of pleasure.

Its sex....get into it and enjoy it!

on October 4, 2009 at 2:58 PM  

Dirty talk is interesting...Noel LOVES it, but I find it weird that I am calling him a bitch during sex...

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