Masturbation, Not Just A Solo Sport

Not every relationship is a sexual one. Even in sexual relationships that can most certainly involve no penetration what so ever. Masturbation has often been perceived as an individual solo type project.

But everything is better in pairs. Which means none other than mutual masturbation. It is one of the great ways to sharing an intimate moment and on top of that deep dark sexual secrets! I will say that I was never a fan of mutual masturbation until it was done with the right person; and OH LORD JESUS ITS FANTASTIC! So here are some little tricks to add to your bag of tricks when you aren't feeling like being poked or poking someone for the night.

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An Uncommitted Relationship

You two have started dating and things are going okay....not good....not great. But you feel they are the love of your life but wait, he thinks otherwise. Do you feel like you are investing so much into what could be and not what truly is while your spouse is just going with the flow.

In other words you are dealing with an uncommitted relationship. Of course we all want that special someone in our life to live with forever but thats not going to happen until they decide to committ. Here are some tips for you to deal with an uncommitted relationship;

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Bottoms UP Megamix Vol 19

Here is an excellent edition of Bottoms UP. I particularly love his edition because it has a lot of my favorite songs to dance to. This is my first go at creating a megamix after about a month so its a little off but hell it is still good. ENJOY! Here is the tracklist

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I Have Returned

I disappeared just over a month ago. It was a new turning point in life for me and I wanted to give it my 100% full attention. But now that I have finally been able to juggle everything I have returned to bring you sex tips, sex toy reviews, dating/relationship advice, hot ass men and a podcast in true Noble fashion.

Where did I go? Essentially nowhere I stayed in the same place in Georgia that I have been for quite a while. I just had to try and juggle working two jobs, a relationship falling apart at the seams as well as health dilema's. I always tell people "Flip that shit" and I finally had to take my own advice and flip a lot of shit. As well as burn some bridges but now I feel I am at peace with myself.

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