An Uncommitted Relationship

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You two have started dating and things are going okay....not good....not great. But you feel they are the love of your life but wait, he thinks otherwise. Do you feel like you are investing so much into what could be and not what truly is while your spouse is just going with the flow.

In other words you are dealing with an uncommitted relationship. Of course we all want that special someone in our life to live with forever but thats not going to happen until they decide to committ. Here are some tips for you to deal with an uncommitted relationship;

Communication Is Key!

Proper communication is the basis to any successful relationship. It never works when you just assume things are going to happen. Both partners need to make their intentions clear so there is no confusion what so ever.

It is a possibility that your spouse wants to stay uncommitted because they like spending time with you but at the same time wants to have a little sex buddy on the side. Are you okay with that? If you are willing to accept the terms and conditions that come with not being completely committed you run the risk of getting hurt.

What Are The Rules

This kind of goes hand and hand with communication. What are the do's and dont's of your uncommitted relationship? This is your chance to ask as many questions as possible. Try and think of every situation that may arrise so both know the consequenses.

Sex Sex Sex

Because you aren't committed that means unprotected sex is absolutely out of the fucking question. No need to go any further.

Living Together

If by the off chance you two live together and aren't committed it is of the upmost importance that you split the financial responsibility. While you are at it create a little contract for the both of you to sign so you are bound by it. On top of that it is best to keep absolutely seperate bank accounts. Because that "spouse" can up and leave one day and leave with all the money as well. NO THANK YOU!

Outside Relationships

This is a time where friends are going to be the best thing since sliced bread. There will be those days where you will not want to see this person you are in a "relationship" with so you can call your buddies. They will occupy your free time and keep you sane so you aren't sitting at home on the couch waiting for someone that will not be coming home that night.

Time Together

Even though you two may not be completely committed yet the best way to walk that road to commitment is to spend as much time as possible together. Quality time at that. Make a date out of anything from doing the dishes to dinner and a movie. Do not expect them to cooperate every time though. When they don't you should already expect that because of the major discussion you had at the beginning of the relationship.

on November 29, 2009 at 12:06 PM  

Child they have unprotected sex when they arent. they dont care! JUst nasty. Then scared to go get tested.

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