Masturbation, Not Just A Solo Sport

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Not every relationship is a sexual one. Even in sexual relationships that can most certainly involve no penetration what so ever. Masturbation has often been perceived as an individual solo type project.

But everything is better in pairs. Which means none other than mutual masturbation. It is one of the great ways to sharing an intimate moment and on top of that deep dark sexual secrets! I will say that I was never a fan of mutual masturbation until it was done with the right person; and OH LORD JESUS ITS FANTASTIC! So here are some little tricks to add to your bag of tricks when you aren't feeling like being poked or poking someone for the night.

Being Comfortable

Before you can show out in front of someone else you have to be content with yourself. Know what things you like, so you can share them with your partner and they can give you a hand. While exploring what is good for you, leave no stone unturned...TRY IT ALL no matter how crazy it sounds. Because you just may like it and on top of that your partner may just even LOVE it.

Timing And Talking About It

With everything you cannot just jump into a situation. Do not just spring the idea on your partner while you are at Walmart....Unless they like that kind of kinky thing. Talking dirty is a form of foreplay and can just get your partner in the mood for anything. If your partner says no off the bat don't worry about it I am sure they will come around. If you two are engaging in penetrative sex anyhow then it shouldn't be a problem simply because its incorporated in foreplay.

Taking Turns/Masturbating Together/Each Other

Share the wealth! This is your time to learn what turns both of you on, a time for you to express to your partner what you want them to do for you and vice verse. Mutual masturbation could be a mutual thing or a me doing you thing or a you doing me....Experiment! Some people make a game out of mutual masturbation and try to finish each other off at the same time. Or hey you can see who finishes first or who can hold out the longest. If you were a little embarrassed or shy you can come in at the end and surprise your partner!

Eye Contact

Once you two are both into the groove eye contact can be the ultimate turn on. When in the act of sex your eyes can tell a lot. This can also go hand and hand with talking about those fantasies the both of you have.

Mock Sex

So what you two may just be masturbating together it doesn't mean that they cant tease you in a faux doggy style or faux spork or even a faux Screaming Pelican. Mocking these positions will enhance your sexual response from masturbation and even bring about fantasies and scenarios.

Sex Toys

Although you aren't entering your partner and they aren't physically entering you.....they can assist in a sex toy having the pleasure of doing so. Sex toys are an easy reminder that sex shouldn't be so militant and serious. Its a chance to let loose and have fun. If bold enough show them how you like to use the toy so they can use it on you.

Don't be afraid to bring up mutual masturbation it is just another form of foreplay.

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on November 30, 2009 at 3:56 PM  

Where do you get these things from?

on February 5, 2010 at 2:00 PM  

jajajaj...pretty inovative huh?!

Congratz! :)You're a natural

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